The smile on this boys face makes your journey worth it. Meet Cairo our new kitty all the way from Cairo Egypt. Yes, he meows with an accent.

Seven years ago when we moved to this house my son asked for a kitten and being the animal lover that I am I could not resist. I grew up lucky enough to be surrounded by pets and I wanted the same thing for my son.

A family friend of our just so happened to have a tiny black kitten in need of rescuing. We welcomed Noah into our home and him and D quickly became best friends. D had a little meow call that Noah would come running. Noah loved all people but his love for D was unreal they were always together. From the first trip to the vet we were told that this little kitten he had fallen in love with had many health complications and most likely wouldn’t live long. I was preparing my son to give this kitty the best home he could for however long he could.

Fast forward seven years they shared a million adorable moments. D would never be ready to say goodbye to his beloved best friend. He did his meow call and Noah didn’t come running. For weeks he had laid beside him trying to nurse him back to health but we both knew the end was coming. He had been acting strange and all the signs were there that a goodybe would be soon. D took the time to write Noah a 2 page goodbye letter that brought me ugly tears and I read it to Noah in his final moments. There was absolutely no doubt that kitty lived the posh life. I could only hope to come back in another life as one of D’s spoiled kitties. This boys ability to love animals and to connect with all kinds is wild. He is an animal whisperer.

Our family friend who seven years ago had gotten us sweet Noah was now working with a rescue in Egypt and looking for a home for this sweet Siamese kitty. I feel in love with his cute little face and cried when I heard how he had spent the first few months of his life. We watched a video of an Egyptian market where Ash from this rescue purchased this kitty from an aquarium living with snakes biting him He was in rough shape. He had been shown nothing but cruel behaviour until Ash rescued him. Ash might be one of the sweetest humans I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. She agreed to let us adopt this sweet boy and the wheels were set in motion. If anyone is searching for a kitty this wonderful lady has about 140 kitties of all kinds and is looking for homes and donations to keep her amazing rescue going. Please feel free to reach out and I can get you in touch. She sends kitty once a month on flights to Canada and the USA. I never knew how horrible the conditions could be until I watched some of her videos. As someone who loves animals I was brought to tears and determined to donate to this cause. I couldn’t wait to take a kitty from her sweet rescue. Ash will forever be my cat sister!

Cairo arrived at the Toronto airport and was one of many cats on the flight off to better opportunities. His carrier was personalized with the sweetest message from Ash. She sent him over with so much love. He had a little passport and the cutest blue eyes. He looked scared and was wondering what the heck is going on? D sat in the car hugging his carrier and talking to him the whole way home. Cairo was quiet the whole way home. For the last couple days they have been snuggled up and becoming fast friends. Welcome to your new life filled with love.


As I sit trying to write this blog Cairo is sitting with me watching out the window at the wildlife spring has to offer here in Canada. I had to google if Egypt has squirrels as he seems quite taken by those. He has adjusted well to our sweet little home and is thankful to have a best friend D. I guarantee he will haveĀ  posh spoiled life being D’s best friend. Cairo still isn’t sure what a corgi is or why we have one but we hope they will come to like each other. For now he just spits at Kelso and runs away all puffed up she seems rather confused as to what we let loose in the house. Never a dull moment with our pets.

Thank you Janelle for pulling this all together and being the Canadian cat whisperer. Thank you Granny for being at the right place at the right time and helping us pull all this together. Thank you Ash for all your hard work and the difference you make to so many animals lives. I love seeing all the updates from around the world. We are so thankful to once again have a rescue kitty to love!