Happy Heavenly Birthday

I write Happy birthday and start to chuckle because our dog despises this saying and the song. It can’t be said, sung, or played on TV she comes out angry, filled with rage, and will bite. We would love to know the reason behind this quirk. Having a rescue dog is like solving a mystery.

Yesterday was my heavenly aunt’s birthday. I carry around the healing rock you gave Dan, and you are always in my thoughts. One of the coolest people I had the pleasure of not only knowing but calling my family. As a child and an adult, I have always looked up to you and wanted to be so much like you. Your ability to heal people was fascinating to me. I recently found a letter you wrote my mom when I was a child about fixing my head. Oh, how I could use your help now. Auntie, you had an amazing view from your house and you made the world’s best fruit leather. You filled my days with wonder and laughter. Thank you every year for allowing me to visit. Thank you for taking Dan in and having him believe in the power of a rock he still talks to you all the time. You were such a fun person with a huge personality. Everyone knew you and everyone had a funny story. I think of all the times we pranked my dad and the smiles that came across our faces. You are missed and loved by so many.

As a child visiting my Aunt and my Grandma Davis was always the highlight of my summers. I remember trying to describe to my Ontario friends and family what Lillooet British Columbia was like. Huge mountains and desert-like conditions are like nothing I could ever imagine being in this world. A small-town vibe with the raging Fraser River. I took my son Dan to experience the Awe I felt as a child. The old bridge that was finally redone that my dad always made me take a picture of and every year I felt as though I would fall through the bridge and be swallowed up by the river. The thoughts of being swept away in a river raging with Sturgeon fish no thank you I had a giant fear. The fear started with my Grandma Davis on her farm the river was right behind her and she always told us to be safe. My mom shared the river fear and did her best to keep us away. I love water but this is one you don’t mess with. My cousin however gave us a different view on the last trip she took up and down to save fish and we got a little ways into the river. I held my son so tight but the shores at some times of the year with the right company can be trusted.

My Grandma Davis was such a loving lady. I look forward to our visits.  I wished we lived closer it is hard for me to be away from family. We wrote letters all year long and I always had to have someone read them for me her cursive writing was not something I could read. I had an Oma here and a Grandma Davis in B.C. I am not sure why I didn’t just call her Grandma but it was always Grandma Davis it just stuck.

Auntie Clare’s birthday was the 7th of August and Grandma Davis’s was today August 8th. As a kid, I always mixed them up and never knew on which day we were celebrating all I knew is there would be family from all over tons of cousins to play with, and endless food and cake. I never knew how big my family was until we gathered for a party. I miss those days!

I still celebrate both of your birthdays even though you are no longer here with me. I know you keep close and keep my little family safe. Heaven has some of my favorite people. Thank you for all the years we spent together and all the memories we collected. I will forever enjoy cake on this day!

I found this picture of Grandma Davis last year while going through some of my dad’s photo albums and I think it just might be my favorite photo ever! We would always go to Vancouver Island and to a place called Coombs. A market with goats on the roof. I have always been obsessed with donkeys and when I saw this picture I had to add it to my collection. I miss you tons and I love you both lots. Until we meet again! Happy Birthday!!

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