Hello, summer, how I have missed you! Today marks the official first day of summer. It started as an overcast rainy kind of day but I love the rain, it awakens all the senses. I love to go out for a walk right after the rain with the rich color and crisp scents.

As I am writing Kelso the corgi dog is sitting beside me hinting every so obviously that she would like to go for a walk. I accidentally asked my son if he was walking to school?  Since that moment miss Kelso has been trying so hard to make me walk. She lives for her daily walk.

Next week marks the last day of school for my son and the last week of work before our summer adventures begin. We have two jam-packed months filled with fun adventures. Make it a summer to remember. Creating moments together that we will forever remember and that fills our hearts. Every year we plan some great summer adventure D’s choice and it always ends up being so much fun. I always have to cut our adventures short due to work. Shift working and being a single mom definitely makes me think I have missed a lot of his years. I am thankful for all the love, support, and help I have to raise my boy. I am blessed to have a village of people supporting and loving my boy.

This year between experiencing death and turning forty life hit me hard. This year taught me more than ever to be thankful for each and every day I am given. I know life can be over at any moment but I hope to make it into my late senior years. The thought of my life being half over well I have so many things I want to do. My bucket list is long!

I started thinking why don’t I do those things? It turns out I was filled with fearfulness. I refuse to live a life filled with fear been there done that don’t recommend it. What did I do? I started facing my fears. I know fear is just the way I look at things. I had to change how I was looking and thinking about things that caused me fear. For example, I have wanted to quit my job for years and pursue something that has meaning and something that uses my skills. I loved my paper-pushing job and the co-worker friends I have gained along the journey but it wasn’t really using my skills and it’s the same kind of day in and day out. I want to do something that fills my heart and I feel like I have made a difference. I have always wanted to work from home. I love where I live. The more I look into jobs that can be done from home the more excited I am. I am no longer fearful I am excited.

As a wise senior once told me Fuck it. Life is too short live it. Follow your heart and your dreams.

Right now I must go and follow my corgi on a walk as much as I want to say I am in charge of my house we all know who the Queen is.

Happy first day of summer everyone. Here is to gorgeous weather, enjoying fun in the sun, lake life, van life, and patio season with friends and family. Onto the next great adventure and writing the next chapter of my life.

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