I feel called to write a book because…

July 30th, 2020 I set out on a writing course through Hay House. Turns out writing a book is harder than I thought. I was stuck so I turned to Hay House for some inspiration.  One of the first exercises we did was to set a timer and write for 7 minutes which seems like an easy task until you sit down to do it. My dream book is a teaching memoir from the messages of my sweetheart dog  Charleston.  I let the book idea flow and in 7 minutes this is what I wrote with tears streaming down my face. It’s hard for me to write my story it still hurts. I miss my sweet boy every day. He wasn’t just a dog he was my reason for living.

I am writing this book because…

I have a story to tell. One I know will help people shift their lives from negativity into positivity. I am writing this book because we all can learn from the animals around us. If you can open your heart up and feel the unconditional love of an animal your life is rich.

Animals have so many messages to teach us. I am blessed to have had my heart dog for 8 years. He left me long before I was ready but what he left me forever changed my life. He changed it for the best.  I want to share his messages with the world.

To know Charleston your life was a better place because of it. I want to capture how he without any words he made me feel. The lessons he taught me and how even from beyond the grave he sent Kelsey (his sister) right into my path. When he couldn’t stay well he still gave us exactly what we needed. He knew he couldn’t stay and he knew I couldn’t live without him. Oh, Charles this sister of yours.

Tears pour down my face with each happy memory. You were exactly the dog  I needed in my life. You healed my life and made me see the good again in the world. You taught me how to approach people with a kinder more loving heart. You made me less scared to be alone. You taught me how to be confident.

If this book can help just one person then I know I have done right by sharing your messages with the world.

I may never find another King and I may spend my current days being bossed around by the Queen but the last 9 years have been a heck of a ride.

From the good, the bad, and the downright ugly to the most amazing life now. You helped me every step of the way. I have never met a spiritual guide with such a fluffy butt. I will never in my lifetime be able to express the feeling of gratitude I have for you but I will write our story and know I did my best.

You make me feel like nothing else ever did. Your power of positivity is captivating.

I miss your head on my shoulder more than anything. I would give anything to spend just one more night snuggled up with you.

I know you couldn’t put into words what you saw in the world but through your actions, my tear, and laugher I am writing our story, good boy. Thank you!

I absolutely loved these writing exercises and the Hay House, writers community. I am still writing my book with 8 positive steps. Like the 2 dogs and paws that inspired me to write.  Corgis have changed my life, they have brought the most amazing people into my life. Charleston forever changed my life in the best way possible. Someday I will be someone’s favourite author so I keep writing.


Strike a pose! Yoga pose.

Strike a pose. Yoga pose.

Growing up it was my Oma (grandma) was who introduced me to the wonderful world of yoga. She taught me some poses and every one of them made my muscles feel wonderfully renewed. We focused on breathing and it seemed to slow my world down to a more manageable pace. I always felt instantly calmer. My problems seemed to melt away.

My mother used to do yoga poses for her back pain on our living room floor. My older brother even joined in on the yoga fun. My brother and I would fold into the lotus pose, it was our favourite. We mastered the lotus pose. In lotus pose, we went onto our keep caps and raced across the living room floor. I would say it was a good twenty feet to victory. My knees hurt now just thinking about that.

In my early twenties, I was in a workplace accident that left me with a low back disc injury. I had excruciating nerve damage pain in my legs. I still have pain but it’s a lot less than it once was. My Oma gave me a yoga book for bad backs that changed my life. Yes, I was born before the times of the internet and having videos available. Typing that makes me feel like a dinosaur. We had to refer to books or take a yoga class.

I think my dedication to yoga over the years has paid off. I do yoga pretty much daily. I don’t always do a full online video or class, sometimes I just wake up and hold a few poses. Focus on my breath before I start my day. Most of my days are busy and I find I jump out of bed and just spring into action. Take a few seconds before you get going and hold a pose and breathe. Don’t rush the day.

I don’t do much of anything before my morning coffee. My son can vouch for this. He now starts the coffee for me if he’s out of bed before me. Bless his soul. He even adds in my two milk along with a shot of maple syrup. Don’t knock the maple syrup until you try it! Nothing is better than the first-morning coffee made with love.

I love tuning into YouTube channels to find yoga videos. Yoga with Adriene and her sweet dog Benji is one of my favourites. She has wonderful variations for all her poses so any level from beginners to advanced can join in. What are some of your favourite yoga videos?

I like to do yoga in my living room. When I am posing one way I have a beautiful view of the lake. Water keeps me grounded and relaxes me. When I pose the other day I have a picture of my Oma, which always makes me smile and reminds me she is right here doing yoga with me.

My son now joins in and does yoga with me for an eight-year-old he is quite impressive. Pull the mat up beside me and his teddy bear often joins in. Kelso the corgi does an absolutely spot-on-down dog and often ends up on our mats. She fills our days with kisses and laughter.

Doing yoga with my son has brought calmness to him. Eight-year-old boys have so much energy. I love watching how slowed down he becomes and how he focuses on his breathing. He also started a “three things you’re grateful for every day” journal. It’s mostly filled with how much he loves his cat. However he slows down and he appreciates the things he has, so that’s a win!

I do yoga for a variety of reasons. I do yoga for my back injury, pelvic floor injury, nerve damage, to correct my posture, increase flexibility,  and muscle strength to name a few. I find yoga helps to calm me, elevates my mood, relax me and sometimes help me sleep. It allows me to slow down and focus on one thing when I need it the most. It grounds my thinking and keeps me from overreacting or overthinking.

The relaxation portion of yoga makes you slow down and focus on just your breathing nothing else matters. It’s a great way to release anything you are holding onto. It has made me into a much kinder version of myself. This is why I incorporate it into my day every day for at least a few minutes. I can always find a few minutes or take a few minutes for something that is important. Make the important things in your life a priority.

Slow down, breathe, and strike a yoga pose!



What makes you happy?

I figured out how to be happy once I placed the responsibility for being happy into my own hands.

I always thought I was unhappy because of other people. I always thought it was someone else’s responsibility to make me happy. I was the queen of the blame game. I happily accepted the victim label. I stayed sad because I thought no one could make me happy.

I want to remind you that happiness starts within.

WAKE UP! This is your life. It didn’t turn out as you wanted?  Join the club, things don’t always go as planned. I have been very unhappy in chapters or parts of my life. I have now stepped up to take responsibility for my part.

I went on a long journey to find out who am I? What makes me happy? I asked myself what can I do to make myself happy?

I know I am happiest when I am alone. Pause: I know I am one step away from living off-grid. Just me and my pack of corgis on a mountain top breathing in a beautiful view. I would be left alone with my thoughts. I could read books. I could be inspired to finishing my book and go on to write many more. I think that would fill my soul with happiness. However, this is not a reality not yet anyway so I work and have a balance of my alone time as well as time with my crew of people who add to my happiness. Other people are not responsible for my happiness but the right kind of positive people can add to the feeling of happiness. I am so grateful for my crew of people you all fill my heart with such love which creates a happy heart.

I take each day I am given and I do my best to spread happiness through my kindness and positivity.

I am happy when I am writing. I block off time to write because it is important to me. I share my writing because I enjoy helping and inspiring others. I keep writing to inspire the chapters of my book to keep flowing. The ultimate book dream. The happiest thought is one day I will be someone’s favourite author.

I am happy when I am near water. I moved to live closer to the water. To always be able to see the water. To be steps away from the waves. Water grounds me and brings out my creativity.

I am happy when I am relaxed and so I do yoga, meditation, and visualization to keep me in a level-headed mind. Start each day slowly without rushing. Start each day with a grateful heart. Start each day doing something that makes you happy.

I am happy when I am driving. I love to sing my heart out and cruise around. I plan road trips to capture that happy feeling I get from being in the driver’s seat. Even better if it’s the driver seat of the caddy. I am always happy when I am sitting upon the crushed velour interior.

I am happy when I am snapping pictures. I love a sunrise or sunset picture, beautiful colours dancing in the sky. Love a picture of waves crashing on the shore. I love pictures of other people and animals. I love to look through pictures and be reminded of a person or place. Pictures make me smile and remind me how blessed I am. I surround myself with some of my favourite pictures.

I am happy when I am laughing. Laughter is a big part of my everyday life. I enjoy watching everything Chris Farley his brand of laugher instantly makes me happier. I love to make other people laugh. I love to hear the pure joy in a child’s laugh. I love a good punny joke. Humour has helped me become a happier person.

I am happy when I am reading. From a young age, my grandma always inspired me to read. My friend giraffe Jen and I battle every year who can read the most books? It keeps me motivated to always have a book in my hand. I love to get lost in a great story. Reading inspires me to keep writing. To reach my book goal.

I am happy at work when I am problem-solving and making someone’s day just a touch better. Helping people fills my heart. I am happy I have a job that I love.

I am happy when I get a phone call I wasn’t expecting. The kind that catches you off guard and you can’t stop smiling. Pure unexpected happiness. Talking is my happy place. I love to talk.

Baby snuggles always make me happy! So many of my friends with so many cute babies thanks for allowing me to steal some cuddles.

Miniature donkeys I don’t know why but instantly make me so happy. I have become a broader line stalker to a local farm. Instantly happy can’t even cope with the cuteness. Also, I can stop watching Jacobs ridge sanctuary videos of Steve the donkey. This sweet donkey is pure happiness. I am glad it doesn’t tell you how many times I have viewed your videos. I follow many donkey groups and all the pictures make me happier. I think I need a donkey in my life.

I am happy to be given this day to fill with happiness.

I think like is too short to be anything but happy. If you are not happy then you need to change whatever is making you unhappy. I had to change almost everything about my life to place my happiness into my own hands. No one is in charge of me. This is my happiness. I bring happiness into my day at every chance I get.

I look at it as if I died tomorrow would I have been happy with how I left my life? Would other people have described me as happy? Today I could say yes, but for many years my answer would have been no. I am grateful that I discovered my own happiness.

Create your own happiness. Discover what makes you happy. If you are struggling as always I am here for you!



Snakes are a defining moment in my life that taught me the feeling of terror. I did not know the feeling of terror until snakes came into my life. I do not understand why snakes can move so fast without any legs. Why do snakes always find me?

For the record, I live in Ontario Canada where we have “friendly” snakes. None of the snakes here can harm you. My experiences as a child left me feeling otherwise.

When I was a kid two separate equally terrifying snake events forever change my life and the way I define the feeling of terror.

The first event took place at our family cottage. I was swimming in the water minding my own business, catching a tan, floating around on my air mattress. I was living the dream life. All of a sudden out of nowhere I see this little head pop up out of the water and lock eyes with me like what are you doing here? In the blink of an eye, it’s gone.  I was left thinking what did I just see?  I am not religious but I started praying please be a friendly turtle. Instantly the panic of the unknown set in. I quickly without thinking jump into the water. The same water that the unknown beast was in. What the heck am I doing? I swear my brain shuts down in moments of terror. I started to swim towards the shore when I see this water beast coming right for me. Does it look like a snake in the water? I had no idea we had water snakes this was all new to my kid brain. I reached the shore first like I was speed swimming like I was going for the gold in the Olympics. I thought victory was mine! Surely it’s in the water and will stay there right? Like fish? Do water snakes stay in the water? You cant go from water and onto land? W R O N G! That snake came at me faster than anything I have ever seen, I thought I was going to die. I took off running faster than my legs could keep up. I ran up the hill, up the stairs to the cottage, and in through the sliding glass door. I was inside. I was safe. I looked out the glass door and there was the sad killer snake, who in reality was friendly and couldn’t actually hurt me. The same one who in my head almost ended my life at a young age. I was safe inside the cottage doubled over and unable to catch my breath. My grandpa asked what happened? I wasn’t able to reenact my brush with death. Water/land snake beast zero. Sascha one. Lesson learned snakes survive anywhere. Always be on the lookout.

The second event was while I was visiting my Oma’s (grandma’s) house. I am not sure why I decided to go under the front deck but this is the spot I chose that day to have my tea party with my best doll friend Polly. I had just got the tea party set up when guess who comes slithering around the corner of the house? A snake! Now I am sure it was a regular-sized snake but in my childhood memory, it got bigger every time I told the story. It quickly became the size of a rare mammoth-sized anaconda from the amazon. I was beyond terrified. I jumped up to scream for help surely my elderly grandmother would save me. When I jumped up I threw my doll. Poor Polly doll was left to fend for herself. In the moment of jumping up to scream for help, I forgot how tall I was. As a child, I grew very tall very quickly I had giant-like features.  I smashed my head so hard I must have knocked myself out. I do not remember hearing a scream come out. My plan to scream didn’t go quite as I had planned it.

When I awoke there were so many snakes slithering all over me. It is a feeling to this day some thirty years later that I still cannot shake. They were across my face, in my hair, wrapped around my legs, going across my body. I couldn’t even count how many had joined the original snake. Turns out the first snake invited all of its friends. Yes, I lived to tell this story but I never forgot that day. I later learned this spot was a snake pit. When I see a snake I can immediately feel them all over me. The slithering across the face feeling never fades. I have pushed all my family and friends in front of me to ward off tiny, harmless, friendly Canadian snakes.

I however refuse to live my life being scared. I faced my fear and held one of those giant beautiful boa constrictor snakes. Now, this should have been scary because I am positive if this snake didn’t want to be friendly it could have killed me. Can snakes smell fear? I trusted that the handler brought the nicest snake. I just kept breathing and reminding myself I am safe.

Snakes have a special way of always finding me. I am less scared now but still get that feeling of being uncomfortable in the presence of a friendly snake. I see them on the ground but feel them slithering across me.

Do you have a fear from childhood that you faced as an adult? Does anyone else share my snake uncomfortableness?



Have you ever had a dream of a destination you must see? Or someone you just can’t live without meeting?

What is your dream?

Do you have a dream list?

I had a dream list as a kid and I still have one as an adult. I will always be a dreamer.

When I was a kid I carried around two pictures of places I had to see. Dream it, see it, do it. This is still how I think and the reason for my vision wall. Inspiration.

One picture I carried with me was of Peggy’s Cove Nova Scotia. I had to see that lighthouse and dip my toes in the Atlantic Ocean. The second picture was of Paradise Island. Two tiki huts on a small island in the ocean yes, please.

My dad ended up taking me on a road trip to the east coast when I was maybe 10? 12?. When we arrived at Peggy’s cove I was beyond excited. I remember looking at the view and thinking it’s just a lighthouse? I wasn’t blown away like I was the first time I saw the picture. We ate fresh lobster with a gorgeous view. As a child, I didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have. I have been planning for years to go back. As an adult, I want to experience it again! I want to stand in that same place and give the gorgeous view the appreciation it deserves. I will eat fresh lobster with a view and soak in the ocean. I feel a down east road trip in my future.

My girlfriend Stephanie made my Paradise Island dream come true when we took a trip to the Dominican. One of the excursions from the resort was to Paradise Island we had to go. The view was breathtaking the story of how we got there not so much. I was seasick on the sail out. The combination of waves mixed with rum shockingly didn’t sit well. I threw up over the boat as well as all over myself. This was one of my classier travel moments. Lesson learned don’t mix rum with the waves of the ocean. When we got off the boat I stumbled over and I sat propped up by the tiki hut. The motion of the boat was still very much with me. Stephanie was so kind she washed out my clothing. Being a nurse my seasickness didn’t get to her thankfully. Stephanie headed off on a snorkeling adventure and I sat on the shore feeling green. The instructor asked me a few times to join I couldn’t move. Finally, after a long rest period, I got my sickness under control and I headed off proud as could be to join Stephanie snorkeling. I jumped into the waves and headed over. I thought Stephanie was waving her flipper at me to show me where she was. I was fighting the waves and swimming as fast as I could when I realized she was trying to warn me. She had taken in some water coughed so hard and was throwing up. The waves were waving her vomit right into my face. Paradise Island at least the view was breathtaking. It’s a trip I’ll never forget. I hope Stephanie will still travel with me again!

My son’s 8-year-old kid’s dream was to meet Stompin Tom Connors the great Canadian musician. My son non-stop plays his music; he knows the words to all his songs. He enjoys turning them up super loud and singing along. He dresses like him. He absolutely loves him. He is jealous his Papa got to meet him back in the day. Everyone I know who met him agrees that he was such a kind person. I think my son is a lot like him in that way. Sadly Stompin Tom died the same year my son was born. Once he realized he couldn’t meet him he set out to find where his grave was. In an odd turn of events, it’s in Erin Ontario. Guess where my son asked to go on a summer vacation trip this year? You guessed it! He wanted to pay his respects to a great Canadian. You can’t say no to that request,  you can just make it into a fun road trip. We loaded up and set off. I couldn’t wait to cross off something on his dream list. As soon as we pulled into the Erin cemetery you could immediately tell where the stone was under the giant Canadian flag. He has a gorgeous spot and beautiful headstone. My son was wearing jeans, a plaid shirt, and his stomping cowboy boots. He slicked his hair and was so excited to get to this grave.  He almost bailed out of the car before it was stopped. He brought a token to leave on his grave sit. It was the inside of a Stomping Tom tape which he signed his name, put it in a zip lock bag to protect it from the rain (he thought of everything) I have never seen such a big smile on his face. He says that moment was the best moment of his life. I had tears in my eyes watching him hug the gravestone and talk to Stompin. He noticed the spot next to him was free and now wants to be buried there. He also noticed Stompin Tom was laid to rest with his mother. Guess who he thinks should be there with him? Oh, sweet boy, I don’t share the same obsession but my heart was full being able to experience this moment. For the rest of the day I had to hear “Ma, I can’t believe I got to see the grave of great Stompin Tom”. He is already bugging me to print the pictures so he can have a photo album full of pictures. I am so lucky to be this sweet boy’s mom. Here’s to crossing off the next dreams!


I can’t wait to see where my son’s dreams take him next. Every year he picks the trip. I just do my best to make it as fun as possible.

Always have a dream and never give up. One day you will get there. From childhood dreams to Adult dreams I will never stop dreaming. I have a long list of places I dream to see. I have a long list of beautiful places I have been so grateful to experience. Both the places I have been and the places I want to go are on my vision wall. Dream it, see it, do it.  I will always carry a picture of the place I am dreaming of next.