Random acts of kindness


Nothing warms my heart as kindness does. I started writing this blog before your funeral. I started this blog when someone was very kind to me it reminded me that the world needs more kindness. Kindness is one of my favourite topis to write about. I got side tracked and never posted the blog.  Attending your funeral made me aware to be more kind every day. Your passing came far too soon and happened unexpectedly fast. I know you are happily sitting, catching up on the years you missed with your dad, I will join you but hopefully not for a long time. Heaven has some of my favourite people.

Random acts of kindness were shown to me through a book I read many years ago by Michael J Chase now Michael Bodhil. His book was called “Am I being kind” This book changed my outlook on how I viewed the world. This book helped change my once very negative views. Michael opened a kindness centre and this was the first time I heard of doing random acts of kindness for others and this warmed my heart. He has shifted most of his work to a positive spin on mental health. His views and the way he lives life have helped me many times over and his books are some of my favourite reads. I read his books over and over and I still love every page. His website is:  https://www.michaelbodhi.com/ I highly suggest checking him out if you haven’t already.

In a world where you can choose to be kind why would you choose anything else? Once I started practising random acts of kindness I was drawn in by the smiles and conversations it creates. I love how one small thing can drastically change your day.  When someone is unkind or rude kill them with your kindness. I will say going back to my in-person job reminded me how much every day I can be kind. I still did kindness each day remotely but a shout-out online is a little less fun than in-person smiles. I am thankful that I am given time and the opportunity to be kind. Everywhere I go I enjoy starting a kind conversation, giving out a compliment or offer to give someone my spot to sit or take them where they need to go whatever the opportunity comes my way. I love to allow other drivers to go and anyone who knows me or has been my passenger will laugh because from my car I talk out loud and say” Go ahead” like they can hear me. I know they can’t but it’s the thought that counts.

I will admit I am still sometimes taken aback when someone performs random acts of kindness for me. I am all about saying thank you and taking the time to reach out and let them know how appreciative I am. I usually in return find someone kind to do to thank them. If it’s an employee I go private investigator deep and I will let your manager or whoever knows that you are an asset to the company. The world needs more kind employees.

Kindness speaks to me and I strive every day to be kind to at least one person and smile when someone is unkind. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. When someone is unkind it usually has nothing to do with you so remember smile and keep moving forward and never give up being kind.

I will now go forward in life with you Nancy in mind as I am being kind. I will forever treasure our hospital chats that’s when I started to see you for you woman you were. Your life ended far too soon. We were close in age and I promise when you look down with your dad and smile I am remembering you both in my everyday life. I brought your dad’s cop glasses to your funeral and I smiled thinking of you together again chatting away. Rest easy girl I will keep kindness and fast driving forever part of my life as I remember you both. Love, light and kindness.

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