Eat your words

I started to find myself losing faith that I was ever going to get this sign and then it literally hit me on the head. I got your message loud and clear thank you! You make me believe in the afterlife with a combination of tears and laughter. You make me less scared of death. You bring comfort to me when I need it most.

Back in February, I went to see a psychic medium in hopes of hearing a message from my Opa. Since you left my world has been far too quiet.  I was hoping that visiting a psychic medium would bring closure but I got so much more. The medium told me I would be seeing signs and to be open to receiving them. I have always been open and believe in signs. Some of my favourite people have passed and I see signs all the time that they are right here with me. I am surrounded by an amazing crew of angels.

I admit I was starting to lose faith as the months ticked by and I thought that my special message from Opa was never going to come. After chatting with a friend who also believes in signs she recommended I start talking out loud to you. I took that advice and I started talking to you out loud. I miss our conversations Opa. I wander around my house so thankful for the years we shared and try to update you about all the things happening. I know you are right here with me smiling. You had the most handsome smile!

I kept thinking finding two feathers stuck together is never going to happen. Never say never! Keep your positive thoughts in check. It can and will happen. In a world where everything is instant slow down and enjoy. Things happen at the right time and place. When you need them most.

I had yet to find even one single feather since you passed. I started thinking did she give me the right message from you? I refused to give up believing that you are right here with me. I am sure anyone who can see me wandering around my house talking thinks I am talking to myself and wouldn’t believe them if I said I was talking to you.

On a sunny afternoon in June, I went out to my yard to clean up the mess left behind from cutting down a tree. I was out there for a couple of hours working away and just as I was finishing up something hit me on the head. I was like what the heck was that? When I saw it I couldn’t speak I just erupted into tears. Two feathers stuck together in your colours brown and blue. I sat on my step pouring in tears thinking how hard the last year without you has been for me. I laugh thinking about you throwing those feathers at my head. You had probably sent me messages I missed. I got this message loud and clear. I eat my words of not believing this will happen.

Thank you! I needed that. I walked into the house and showed my son, who couldn’t believe it. He just hugged me and let me know how much I am loved. I am so lucky to be this boy’s mom and I am so thankful Opa got to experience a part of his life. I promise to keep talking and give you all the updates and you keep sending me signs. Keep watch over us and keep us safe.

These 2 feathers will forever be displayed on our shelf next to one of my favourte pictures of you and the caddy!

I miss you so much!

Just when you start to give up is when you eat your words. Keep working towards your goals, things will happen for you at the right place and time.

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