It’s November

I might still be riding a sugar high from last night. I may never shake the cold that the rain left with me.  I did enjoy seeing the costumes and watching the kids run around from house to house. The impressively scary decorations people set up. It was a great feeling even in the pouring rain to see so many people out.

I have never been a Halloween fan and I did not want to go out last night. I had to remind myself that this could be the last year my son lets me tag along. Time really needs to slow down! Thankfully, my sister-in-law joined me on the walkabout. We were rewarded quite nicely upon return and sorting of the Halloween haul.

My son and my niece have gone out together trick or treating for all the years we have lived here and this year they outdid themselves. They dawned the costumes of what might very well be my brother’s favorite movie of all time Monty Pythons Quest for the holy grail. He haunted me with never-ending movie quotes when we were growing up. He has now passed all those quotes onto my son to torment me with. I will admit I do think this movie is hilarious and is a classic must-see that is if you like to laugh.

My niece was King Arthur and she nailed it. She pulled off the look and all the movie quotes. My son was Patsy complete with coconuts that were so believable many people thought a horse was coming down the road. My brother being the big nerd he is made a soundboard of movie quotes and soundtracks.

For the people who knew what Quest for the holy grail was they loved it and shouted quotes. They timed it perfectly to have “run away” play as they left the houses.

I love that my family took the time to craft these costumes and watching the kids faces light up as the got into the roles was so freaking cute. The quest for too much Halloween candy and a sugar high from now until Christmas is complete.

What did everyone else dress up as for Halloween? Hit me with some pictures I would love to see!



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