My entire life I have been told if I just put my walls down and opened my heart, I could receive signs from beyond. You nees to be open and acceptive.

I have always had a fascination with what happens when we are no longer in our physical bodies? I believe in spirits, ghosts, and a higher power. I love thinking did that just happen for a reason, was it a sign, a coincidence, or when you meet someone, you swear you knew before that meeting?

I have always wanted to know what my greatest gift is, my power, my mark to leave behind in this world. I have always thought I am more than the life I am living. The only person, place, or thing that is holding you back from your highest potential is yourself. I work on myself every day. I try to be the best version of myself. I keep working towards my dreams. I take leaps that I hope are for the best and I keep my dreams in sight. My 2023 goal is to make time available to the people, places, and things that are most important to me and bring me joy.

I do admit the last while I have struggled to be open to receiving signs. I have felt like I have lost my way and had my heart and mind taken up by other things. I vow to take back 2023 and accomplish more things on my bucket list.  To show up and write more each day. To share my accomplishments, my struggles, and my moments of teaching and learning. To dedicate more time to my love of writing this journey has opened my heart and my life to so many amazing opportunities. I am glad I got pushed-took the leap to start this page. Change is always a possibility.

Recently on a little road trip I read a book in a day that blew me away written by a psychic medium. I love that idea and I have been to a medium who blew my mind with accurate messages things she could never know from friends and family passed. I don’t like to seek out direct messages it is still something I would love to understand and be able to experience the capability to do.

The book I read in one sitting was called signs and is written by Laura Lynn Jackson. I saw this book recommended by a friend to another friend on social media, but I happened to see the recommendation and thought the book sounded interesting. Thankfully living in a small town with a quaint little book store I only had to cross the road to find a copy. I was so happy they had one copy left S-O-L-D. I found out this is the authors second book, The first book was sold out, but the lady happily ordered me a copy which I am beyond delighted to read this week!

I love the idea that loved ones are here with us. I get signs all the time and I laugh thinking of how I said I haven’t seen signs lately. I have one person who passed who vowed to haunt me and do fun things and I said if that was true, I hoped for the rest of my life to be haunted. I noticed after the passing those weird things started happening like my tv turning on while the remote was on the table not near me. I used to have electronics come on all the time. Finding dimes in my pathways thinking I wonder who sent me this, lately it has been quiet, and I have been in my own busy little world mind racing always busy. I haven’t had time to slow down and look around for signs.

Then a couple of weeks before I read this book, I was alone in my house rushing to get ready for an appointment when a dime hit me on the side of the head, I had a what the heck moment. I picked up the dime and looked around to make sure I was alone. I let out a laugh read the date and knew it was from the year you passed. I miss you! I will always be happy to have a sign and I give an extra point for making it funny!

The book signs made me bust out into tears and I had a sign while reading the book of a loved one near that I am not sure I would have noticed if not for this ladies’ words chapter after chapter the stories she shared filled my heart. This book has made me regain the spiritual side I loved about myself and has made me more open for a journey of love and understanding. I hope when I pass, I get to throw dimes at so many people. This book also made me think of all the love I am surrounded by each day and again grow my grateful list and reach out to more people to remind them how much I love them. As I look at turning 41 my heart is so full and so excited to see where this year takes me, I am sure I have more changes coming my way and I embrace where life takes me, and the signs let me know you are right here with me. Heaven has some of my favourite people. I have the best angles.

Thank you, Chicken, Lobster, Peach for putting this book in a path I would see it. I miss you girl and I hope 2023 we can get back to fun tea times filled with laughs that hurt and sharing pictures that make us spit out our tea!

Bring on the signs I am open and willing to embrace.


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