Rescue me

This sweet smiley face is my favorite rescue story. Miss Kelso, you gave us the scare of a lifetime last week. I didn’t sleep for 72 hours and I prayed you would be okay. You kept handing me your right paw like Charlie did and I cried a lot of ugly big tears.

I am thankful that even though I woke Gran up she worried with me and did all the right things to save your life. If it wasn’t for Gran I am not sure you would be sitting with me as I write how grateful I am.

One split second can change your life. Every decision you make can change your life.

Lately, my life’s been a blur as I have been sick and multi-tasking far too many things. I feel like I have lost my mind and my family is sick of checking if I turned things off in my house. Lack of sleep I swear is melting my mind.

Last Tuesday I went to bed and I couldn’t sleep I was restless, overthinking, and having a bad feeling in my gut I just couldn’t put my finger on why I was feeling like this. I was up and down all night. When I finally got up and let you out for your morning pee is when I noticed the mess on the kitchen floor at first I laughed at it thinking will our kitten even not get in trouble? He earned the nickname bagel butts after eating 3 whole everything bagels off the counter and leaving his little human without his favorite breakfast food. He keeps us laughing and cleaning but it is all worth if for his sweet cuddles.

This morning as I started to clean up I quickly noticed in the dog bed was covered in a mess everything but the cob. I was starting to think I had lost my mind no way could this sweet corgi have eaten the whole thing. Could this be happening? I searched everywhere but no cob. Full panic mode! I was sick with worry but we got through it thank goodness.

Queen Kelso as your name tag reads, I can’t imagine life without you bossing us around. You have come to be very sweet and always snuggling me knowing I am not feeling my best. The last couple of years have been challening with people passing as my circle gets smaller I am thankful for those who are still with me. I am thankful for Gran answering my early morning calls filled with tears and for always knowing what to do!  I am thankful as I write this blog that I have a kitty smacking at my moving fingers on one side of me and sweet old corgi laying her hears beside me handing me her paw to hold. Charlie always gave me what I called the comfort paw. 

For those of you who don’t know Kelso’s rescue story Dan found her off a website called rescueme mere hours after Charlie had passed. When he was looking up facts about his friends dog. This site is mostly dogs in the USA but the only corgi in Canada was just over an hour away and looked very similar to Charlie. We came to find out they share the same birthday the same personality and must be related? Once we  met Kelso she picked us immediately and despite me saying I am never getting another dog she changed my view on the world once again and from behind her leash. I came to believe in miracles and she keeps me believing. Kelso the dog with 9 lives we have so many more adventures to take. Thank you for being our Queen!


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