Oh my goodness where has time gone?

Spring arrived with a mix of weather from hot to cold to stormy and nice, just pick a season I don’t know how many layers I need. I have had my windows open and for once heard the songs of beautiful birds and not the constant honking of geese. Cairo the kitty can always be found in the window he quite likes the Canadian air.

April started with a storm that knocked out my power and then with a generator, a gas tank, and cold wind blow hairdo I made an error that almost blew up my house. I am thankful for my guardian angel,  it was his birthday and I know he keeps my house safe. A quick crying phone call to remind me how thankful I am yet again to be alive. Thank you for keeping me safe.

April will forever hold 2 of my favourite birthdays. Opa would have been 89 this year and all of your family ate your favourite cake. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you! I am sure you hear me constantly talking to you.

Landon the boy now the man who made me an Auntie I will forever run and hug you till it hurts. I am so thankful you came on Easter. I loved looking around the table and thinking Opa would love this everyone together.

Spring always puts me in the mood to clean and organize and now that I have my house back we are making it our home. With so much room and decluttering that a move brings I feel  rejuvinated. That same feeling I feel when I walk out after the ran and take a deep breath in Ah thats my favourite spring moment. Inhale, exhale, declutter and tackle the next chapter of life.

I have spent a month off, not working and just enjoying my time. I have had the best April! Welcome spring. I am stress free and ready to tackle all the good vibes coming my way.

The caddy is out of storage and I took a lovely sunny day coffee cruise that just filled my soul! Every year that car purrs along the road adds the biggest smile to my face. No matter the worries the crushed velour seats melts them away. I love the caddy! Every first cruise brings tears to my eyes even twenty four years later I still feel that same emotion of pure love. I look over at my dad who just knows he has to be passenger and the smile on his face these are the moments I will forever treasure.

April brought upon a great lunch with Gran and a delightful cheesecake at a local joint that we both swore we would share our slices and then without even noticing because they were so delicious we devoured them. I had to shake Gran down to make sure she left our new kitty at home she is the reason Cairo came into our lives she is the animal whisperer. Thankfully she is not a cat napper D did tell her that she could no longer be his Gran if she stole the cat. I am grateful this woman is still a huge part of my life. I would be lost without you gran thanks for always being my person!

April brought a sisters visit that made me laugh until it hurt and filled my heart with so much love. Any time spent with those girls I cherish and I am so thankful over the years we have stayed in touch. Our parents may have went seperate ways but you will forever be my sisters.

April brought a message from my BC brother right after I said I needed to get in touch he messaged me first and this NEVER happens. It was so nice to catch up and I can hear the mountains calling my name. I can’t wait to dip my toes in the Pacific and see the mountains.

April brough upon a meeting I never thought would happen. My son met his father for the first time in 10 years. As I sat across the table watching these two meet I couldn’t help but chuckle about how much they are alike. I am still in a bit of shock that this meeting actually happened it has been a long time in the making and it will be interesting to see where this journey takes them.

April brought tons of time with friends. Road trips for snacks, shopping and endless hugs, love and future plans. I love my friends!

April brought upon some pretty wild hockey games and some second round drama I didn’t think would happen. Even though neither of my hockey teams made the playoffs I am still enjoying some heavy hitting games. Love me a good hockey game.

April brought upon so much relaxation, decluttering and work around the house. Thankful I didn’t blow the house up.  Buy a house they said it will be fun. It has been an adventure for sure. Thankful for the help I have. Thankful for all the amazing people who surround me.

Cheers to sunny days and all the adventures to come! Thankful for spring and all the things this year has taught me already.


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