Number 26

Number 26…

The number 26 had no real meaning to me before today. As I sat down to write this blog I realized it is my 26th blog. What? That’s wild, right? I know it feels like the last 26 blogging weeks have flown by. When I set a goal of 52 blogs my intention was to write once weekly. This officially marks the half way point. I am half way to crushing this goal. My dream since an early child has been to write, with the end goal of a book. I am making this dream my reality. I will write my book.

I decided to write once weekly on Tuesdays. I later found out I was born on a Tuesday so clearly it’s a great day. I decided to write once weekly to get out some ideas I had in my head. I never thought I would write pages and pages. I had no real plan when I started. Just write weekly about whatever comes to mind. My general concept and idea was to spread positivity, kindness, and to send thank you messages. I wanted to inspire people that if I can change so can you.

I haven’t nailed my goal of a blog every Tuesday since I began as life happens. I am a single mom, I have a paper pushing job at the local hospital, I have pets and I have hobbies. Life gets busy but I do my best to always make time for writing. Sometimes the writing ideas come quickly and I have so many ideas but there are sometimes I get stuck. I was super stuck while coping with the passing of my beloved dog Charleston. Well there’s no other way to describe than it just down right sucked. His passing took a lot out of me. I didn’t write around the holidays because he was sick and I just wanted to suck up every gosh darn minute I had left with him. He left me far too soon and I couldn’t write. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t stop crying. Truth is I wasn’t sure I could keep going down a path of positivity without him. I had to come back with a blog about twenty things I was grateful for in January as a reminder of how blessed I am. I may not have gotten a blog out every Tuesday but for the most part I have and I have not given up even when I wanted. I pushed forward. I forgive myself and remind myself it’s okay to not make each and every goal exactly on time as long as you keep working towards it. Take a deep breath and get back on track. Keep moving forward and don’t give up!

I admit when I started this chapter of my life I was down-right terrified. The thought of creating and launching my website was overwhelming. I have never had a website and I have never had a blog, both experiences are very new to me. I felt safer when it was just in the planning stages. My fear of failure and exposing myself to criticism or controversy or disagreement would creep into my thoughts. Then I found the courage and I decided to just do it, launch the site. It was close to a year after I got my certification for life coaching in October 2018. (more on that next week) I had stayed stuck in the planning mode for almost a year with being hung up in the details. In September 2019 I decided to just go for it. Launch the website and start the blog and whatever happens just go with it. I knew I couldn’t move forward and succeed unless I tried. Any criticism will make me grow and any accolades will encourage me. I know I have done my best.

I am grateful for all the comments, discussion, e-mails, Facebook messages, phone calls and text messages about the website and the blog. I cannot say thank you enough for coming along this journey with me. Here’s to 26 down and 26 more to go with a book in the works. Thank you to all of you!



During my first Louise Hay convention titled ”I can do it” which was all about how to heal your life. I sat in the audience with thousands of other people and I listened to Louise talk about networking and about how people don’t just talk to others. She encouraged us to have random chats with strangers. At the time this thought scared me. We were always taught not to talk to strangers. What would I talk to strangers about? I had a bad habit of over sharing my life’s disasters and not filtering well. Louise told a story about having something wrong with her foot and she couldn’t find any relief. She was sitting beside this person one day and they just started a random conversation. It turns out that person sitting right beside her did healing so they got together and fixed this foot issue. I was scribbling my notes down like a mad woman trying to suck in every bit of knowledge. I laugh now at the thought because the energy was electric and in that moment I wanted to change. Picture thousands of people with so much positive energy radiating from them the vibe is unreal. I met some of the most amazing people at those conventions. I came home from those conventions year after year with so many thoughts and ideas and then slipped right back into my old way of life. I never changed. I planned and I dreamed but I never took any action. Man I could plan thought. I would plan every little detail out and do NOTHING. Welcome to my life for years and years. I was stuck. I was sucked into the everlasting planning mode. I had pretty post it notes all over with hopes and dreams but I never made them my reality. I lived with my head in the clouds. Forever dreaming and forever planning.

I have never been great at turning plans into action or seeing plans from start all the way through to success. I got the organization down pat. I mastered the make it look pretty, neat and tidy, straight up NAILED IT. The going from the paper plan or the vision in my head to the real life I failed over and over. I failed so many times I often wonder how I got up off the floor and planned some more?

I figured once you failed you are just supposed to give up right? I came, I tried, I bought the t-shirt, I failed and so I left. I didn’t have the fight in me. I failed and I gave up. I failed and I gave up because I never really cared about what I was doing. I thought I was unique in my sad story. It wasn’t until I reached out I talked to strangers and I networked with people who had stories like mine. People who went onto live extraordinary lives despite failures and being stuck in different parts of their lives.

I have met so many amazing people who have inspired me to never give up. I have been inspired to share my story. I want to share with you my hopes, my dreams and my failures, because they make me who I am. I am who I am today because despite my failures I never gave up. I always knew I was destined for great things in life. I just had to find people who inspire me not only today but going forward in life. I want to be a person who inspires you. I want you to know no matter where you are in your life there are always more great things to come. I want you to reach out and start a conversation. I am always available to chat.
In troublesome times like the ones we are currently facing with Covid-19 don’t forget to network. Reach out now more than ever and talk to strangers. Find the help you need. Be the help someone else is looking for. Networking now is easier than ever. Go online and start a conversation.

Before ending this blog I reached out to my Opa and Granny and asked them to write something about networking, failure and success. Here is what was written by the wise seniors to share with you. “Failure is not a stopping point but a stepping stone to success. When something doesn’t work, then you move on to the next attempt using a different path or tools. That might fail too but then it makes you more creative to find another way. Expanding your contacts and listening to people with different opinions and theories is the best way to find the new path and the new tools. While you might not agree fully with everyone you listen to, there will be something you can take away and use. Another useful point to remember is “keep it simple”. Eventually, if you persevere, there will be success.”

What in the actual BEEP is going on

What in the actual BEEP is going on…

This is not a rant but my thoughts, feeling and a reminder of how kindness is needed now more than ever.

It seems like just yesterday we were going on about our lives. It seems like just yesterday I was reading about this health concern in China. It seemed like a small worry at the start but it quickly escalated. It seems like in a blink of an eye that it has spread to the better part of the world. It didn’t seem like it could be true, a plague like virus affecting so many people. One day it was fine and BOOM it’s here. It’s scary because it’s new. It’s scary because people didn’t take it so seriously at first and it spread so quickly.

Everything is shutting down. My son is home from school for at least 3 weeks now. Daycares are closing. The malls reduced have hours. Restaurants are shutting down. Movie theaters are closing. Casinos are closed. Churches are closed. AA meetings are cancelled. Any March break event you could think of is cancelled. Every concert or show is cancelled. Every sporting event is cancelled. Everywhere you look everything you see is now about the coronavirus. You cannot turn on the TV, the radio, flip through the paper, read the online news, check your e-mail or even load Facebook without seeing updates about the number of cases and where the cases are being confirmed. Every company that has ever had my e-mail is updating me on what they are doing to keep the world safe.

Every passing day is a frightening reminder that it keeps affecting more and more people. Covid-19 has hit fast and scared us good. I am positive I read the symptoms as being cold and flu like and nothing about needing 8 billion rolls of toilet paper. Yet here we are March 2020 and there isn’t a roll to be had. No toilet paper, no hand sanitizer and no cleaning products. I have never seen bare shelves at the grocery store in my life. The isolation period to stay home is 14 days. I don’t know how people managed to buy out the stores. I have to say I am shocked. In a terrifying time like this don’t forget to be kind. You don’t need that much toilet paper. SHARE! Think if the tables were turned and you were out, you sure as heck would hope someone would share with you. Be kind. You do not need 8 billion rolls of toilet paper to beat this.

I am cautious going forward for sure, yes everyone should be. There have been cases all around us and I am sure it’s only a matter of time before it’s here knocking on my door. It’s one heck of a virus. New facts come out all the time and they seem scarier each day. I work at the local hospital doing paperwork and I will be washing my hands like a mad woman, more so then before if that’s possible. I have kind of always been a germophobe.

I know in 2020 we have amazing technology and surely someone is going to figure this out. In the meantime do not go visit the elderly who are at high risk, those with breathing problems or pre-existing medical conditions. Do check-up via phone, email or text to make sure everyone is okay. Offer help where you can. Be kind.

In a time of absolute chaos please do not get caught up in being mean to others. Please don’t rush out and by every single thing you can, think of others. Share what you have and protect not only yourself but everyone else. I have offered many of the items in my home to others. My neighbour shared her sanitizer when it was impossible to purchase any. Come together in your family, your work and your community. Help each other out!

My Opa, the man behind the motto, is approaching his 86th birthday in April and I damn well want to make sure he gets there. I have told my family I will be distancing myself physically as I work at the hospital and I don’t want to risk anyone getting sick. I have made deals that if anyone is sick I would bring the supplies needed. I will leave them on your porch, and wish you well from there. I would do whatever it takes to help anyone in need. I absolutely love to help others at any opportunity I can. I have had so many wonderful people help me in my life so I do whatever I can to pay it forward, to be kind. I know kindness isn’t always taught to everyone but it’s never too late to start.

Kindness, it goes a long way. Kindness, is free to spread. Spread Kindness everywhere! A little bit of kindness goes a long way. The world could use more kindness now more than ever.

Stay safe and stay healthy. As always I am here if you need anything feel free to reach out via phone, text or e-mail. See contact page for more details.


In a world of texting answer the phone

In a world of texting answer the phone

Did you ever have a corded phone bolted to the wall? A home phone? A rotary phone? A party line? Did I just age myself? Born in the 80s and I became obsessed with the phone in the 90s. I could spend hours and hours talking to friends and family. There was a time before caller identification, when you answered the phone and you had no idea who was calling. I know what a scary world! I dunno what’s scarier not knowing who’s calling, or now knowing and not wanting to answer because you know who it is.

Growing up we had our home phone bolted to the wall in the kitchen. We had an extra-long phone cord so I could wander around the house talking away. I moved around our house pacing like I was running a small business, in charge of a pack of employees, or making a huge business deal. I wish we could have recorded some conversations to play back now. I would love to know what I was talking about for hours on hours, day after day.

We had dial up internet where you couldn’t be on the phone and dial onto the World Wide Web. Do you remember that horrible dial up internet connection sound? And the glorious sound of your brother yelling if you picked up the phone and he got kicked off the internet!

Before the world of cell phones I had a pager so if you needed me you could reach me. I have no idea why I felt the need to have a pager but I didn’t wanna miss a call. I lived for talking on the phone. I could always be reached day or night. I felt important.

The world now has become a world of digital living. Most people are glued to their cell phones. I am also guilty of this! This darn phone has it all. Oh how cell phones have changed over the years and not only in size. Do you remember the first cell phones? They were so big you needed a backpack just to carry one around. They didn’t fit in your pocket. They didn’t have cute cases or accessories. I remember trying to text and you had to punch the number over and over to get the letter. It was so much work that I would give up and just call. When cell phones came out with a sliding keyboard that was life changing and that’s when texting took off for me. I forgot what it was like to talk on the phone. I became all about texting and never talking. I would run when a phone rang. I was never so happy to do away with my home phone. Everyone knew if you wanted to talk to me, text me, I would reply instantly.

Having a cell phone now, well, pretty much everyone has a cellphone it’s rare to find anyone without one now. Gone are the days of payphones on every street corner. Cellphones with data is your go to convenience, banking at your fingertips, online shopping, watch Netflix on your phone, games, e-mail, you can work from your phone and there is literally an app for everything you could possibly want or need. It still seems too good to be true. I can see how it’s addictive to always be on your phone. I understand why mental illness is on the rise. With social media being available 24-7 we often get sucked into how amazing other people’s lives appear. We forget that what we see on social media and what real life looks like can be, and often is, two very different things. People only post the great moments. The picture perfect moments. The moments that make them look perfect to the outside world. Few people post real life struggles of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Everywhere you go now you see people on their phones but few people are talking on the phone. Most people are typing away. The world has become a world with our heads down lost in our phones. People don’t call, people text first and ask if it’s okay or, when could they call. Texting while convenient, quick and easy is still so very impersonal. Often messages are misunderstood and taken out of context. You interpret them how you read them. I have had this struggle. I still prefer to talk on the phone. To hear your voice, to listen to your stories, to hear about your day. To hear laughter and love.

When I decided to get into life coaching I was thrilled at the idea of always being available on my phone. I can read e-mails, text, edit my website and blog all right from my phone but nothing gets me more excited than to hear your voice, to discuss your goals and to make dreams into reality.

My phone is always on and I always do my best to answer every call. I cherish every conversation. I love to hear your voice. In a world of digital living don’t forget to call. Check in on those you love, make time for the important conversations. Let people know you are here for them. Let people know you love them.

Make the call

I can do this and so can you!

I can do this and so can you!

Repeat after me: “I can do this”

“I can do this”

“I can do this”

“I can do this”

I start each day saying this to myself at least 4 times in a row a few times throughout the day. I find this keeps me on track and reminds me I can do this. I can do (insert whatever it is I am working on or towards). I say this a lot!

I got into life coaching to help people who are stuck in life like I have been and to help you reach your goals. One huge thing that has always stuck with me is life sayings. Motivational words to remind yourself how great you are. Everyone is different and on amazing journeys. I love to hear your stories and I hope mine inspire others along the way. I have been blown away with the work of many life coaches on my journey to becoming the best version of myself. Who I was in the past and who I am today and becoming tomorrow has been a journey of a life time.

I start each day with a reminder that I can do this.
I look at myself in the mirror every day and I remind myself I can do this. I have gotten this far in life and I am still rocking it. I CAN DO THIS!

I start each day reminding myself how grateful I am. I keep a picture frame beside my bed with a dry erase marker and I write something or someone I am grateful for. It is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see before bed. I also have a huge vision wall right beside my computer desk with all my dreams and goals. This reminds me every day and every night the things I am working towards. I started with a vision board. Once my board was filled I realized my visions and goals were much bigger than a board. I got a huge picture frame and it quickly became filled. Now I have a vision wall. I realized I have a lot of things I wanna accomplish in this life and it’s freaking amazing that I need a whole wall to see all of my visions. Anytime I am feeling down I just need to sit down in my office and, bam, right beside me is this wall of inspiration. Everyone should have a space like this. This space reminds me how I got here and where I wanna go. This wall makes my heart full. This wall makes me wanna get things done!

I start each day by reminding myself how lucky I am to still be alive. Each day is a gift. Rock each day like it could be your last day. Do something fabulous.

I start each day with my heart full of love. I remind myself how much I love me. I remind those around me how much I love them.
I start each day with strength and determination that I can overcome. I know I can overcome because I have!

Just to clarify before you think I live with my head in the clouds I don’t. I know being tall I almost touch the clouds but in all reality this does NOT mean each day is a great day. This means that I have allowed myself to slow down my day to process whatever comes up. Do I still get passionate when people bring up topics I believe in? YES! Do I still get upset? YES! However I have decided to come up with better ways of dealing with things that upset me. I make better choices now besides running away or turning to addictions.

I used to jump out of bed with no time to spare and rush around. Most of my days were a blurred mess with anger and everything going wrong. I never slowed down and appreciated the small things that make my day right now. I never slowed down to do or enjoy the small things that make my day down right freaking fantastic. You would be shocked at what you notice about life once you slow it down and enjoy it.

I lived most of my life in the fast lane, going full out, no plan and no care in the world. I didn’t care about the people around me that I hurt. I didn’t care about the jobs I had. I blew money like I had a money tree. Nothing really mattered to me. I spent my days mad and blaming others. Instead of dealing with the pain and learning how to change. I found addictions. I found drugs and alcohol, social media, unhealthy relationships. I lost myself and it was one hell of a ride to get myself back to experience a life I love.

I am by no means perfect I am and always will be far from it. I am me! I allow myself to slow down to take each moment for what is. Yes situations and people still get under my skin. I do my best to approach all situations and people with a kind, open and loving heart. I remind myself that everyone is doing the best they know how with the skills and abilities they have. I remind myself that not every battle is worth fighting. I remind myself I don’t always have to be right. I remind myself I can walk away from situations I don’t want to be in. I remind myself to shut down my negative thoughts before they become repetitive. I remind myself to use the skills and abilities I have been working so hard on to open my life to love and kindness.

I remind myself each and every day that I am doing my best and if my best isn’t good enough fuck it!