Highway of heros

The summer of memories has left sand between our toes and the biggest smiles on our faces. I vowed to make this the summer of memories after missing out on the last couple of summers not spending enough time in Canada.  We have a long list of memories to make. I love Canadian summers!

I think I have witnessed the cutest summer moment ever! My heart is so full and my face hurt from the smile watching you son.

Years ago I had the opportunity to attend an outdoor concert event. I went to see The Tragically Hip and at some point, during the festival,  a singer took the stage and his voice gave me goosebumps. His words made me want to sing along I had to learn all the songs. The Trews honestly blew me away and since that day they have made their way onto every playlist I have.

A few years ago my son finally started branching off of listening to only Stompin Tom music and started listening to some of my music. Like me The Trews lyrics spoke to him and he loved to learn the lyrics and sing along. Watching him sing in the car always warms my heart.

He found concert tickets to The Trews literally in our back yard. I had to buy him tickets as they printed off he was so excited. D made me take him early so he wouldn’t miss a moment. We shared dinner as a little picnic on the lawn. I bought him a Trews t-shirt and with the help of some nice people he was able to land a front row spot. He had the best view!

With his flamingo pink hair he was head banging along and singing as loud as he could. Multiple people said how adorable he was and that he was living his best little kid life. He waved at Colin the lead singer when he came out and after a couple songs he leaned down and gave him the guitar pick he was playing with. This act of kindness brought a permanent smile to my sons face. He had tears in his eyes and so did I as we thanked him so much. The rest of the show he held that pick so tight as everyone around him told him how lucky he was.

He held my phone flashlight up high above his head into the crowd,  waved it around,  and nailed every word to his favourite song Highways of Heros. Watching these moments I know I am so lucky to be his mom. The memories we have made together will carry me the rest of my life. I can’t wait for more adventures! Forever singing our hearts out as loud as we can, loosing our voices, and remembering how he picked you! This is a moment of kindness he will remember for the rest of his life.

As we left this concent dripping wet we forgot it was raining we were dancing, singing, and having to much fun. D wanted to call someone high on cloud nine he had to tell the pick story. I knew just the guy we could wake up and who would think it’s the coolest story. My dad a.k.a Papa answered all worried I legit yelled Dad this isn’t a 9-1-1 call D just has a cool story. My dad said he could hear the smile in his voice as he told him the cool pick story. Over the next few days he has told everyone he knows with such excitment how lucky he is.

He told me he is building  a little box to keep this pick safe in. I am only allowed to look at it I am not allowed to touch it. So far this day wins best day of his life!

Thank you for being so kind, for making my sons little kid dreams come true. Remember small acts of kindness can completely change someones life.

Rock on! We are forever Trews fans.


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