Smash it up!!

From the first time I ever went to a demolition derby, I have had a dream to smash up some cars. Long before I ever wanted to race cars, I wanted to smash them up.  I love to go fast, and I love to smash, hopefully never at the same time.

As a woman when the crowd cheers on a lady demolition derby driver it still gives me chills and instantly makes me smile and proud and deep down, I am like GET EM GIRL! Destroy those other cars. I love a lady driver even better if she’s a winner!

I can remember my dad taking me to the local fair I was about 7 years old or so and I thought it was a crazy idea to take cars you stripped down to nothing, decorate them up, then you suit up and destroy them. Who comes up with this? My dad’s face lit up with excitement as he described the event to me, so I agreed to go, and it turns out I loved it.

The lady who announced the local fair in our small town had such a captivating voice. She sucked you in and kept you yelling and cheering the drivers on. You yelled until you lost your voice. She was always having fun and made sure everyone got along and shook hands at the end. She had a voice that drew people in to watch the derby from all around. I am sure you could hear her voice across town.

This was the first year I have been back to the fair since Covid without the announcer’s voice present and it showed.  This derby was best described as unorganized chaos. The drivers shook hands at the end to honour the late great woman announcer not because they were friendly told. I know I wasn’t the only person who missed her in a crowd I heard her name many times. This derby was confusing, the sound was bad, and the interviews were inadequate quality.

When my son and niece were about 5 years old, I took them to a local fair to watch the derby. For the record they both thought the idea of cars smashing up was crazy like I did at that age. Happy that they entertained me and joined. Our Opa also joined us he also loved a derby, but I think he just came to the fairs to see the carousel.

We had front row seats to the derby, and we got the full experience during a crash up close and personal we had mud sprayed on us. We watched the kids’ faces light up with wonder and delight. I knew from that moment I had derby kids. They even had a 1989 caddy just like the one we have and the look of shock on my sons face like anyone would ever want to smash it up was one is a look I will never forget.

This year we went to the fair for the derby. We sat high up in the grandstands, we know you were right there with us Opa we watched, and we cheered until we lost our voices. Our hearts were full, and I know two kids who want to enter the derby! I will be right beside you helping to decorating a car just please use any other car NOT the caddy!