Down a tire up a burrito

Make the best out of each day and out of each situation. On a day that could be stressful choose to be less stressed. I choose to make the best I can out of the day and be grateful.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been feeling sick. I have been missing work and unable to do much. Thankful for my mom who has been keeping my kiddo entertained while I am recovering.

I love my car, but my tires have given me all kinds of problems since I have had this car. I am not blaming my car. I love my car. I drive a lot and so I am sure it’s just the price you pay for the miles and memories that tick by. I just got rid of my tires both summer and winter which had all been patched for a new set and low and behold I need a patch. Once again I have a flat tire leaking. How does this keep happening to me? Over the last 5 years, I have had multiple sets of tires, and the struggles are real. I thought I have a new set of new tires this spring which means a new start well I am only a couple of months in and I had to drag out the gauge and pump and get back to checking. Just when you think you are done it is always something. Keeps me on my toes and I usually learn something along the way. I had my son out helping me he loves this type of help. I am thankful we didn’t have a tire blowout. I have put a lot of miles on this low-looking tire. I am thankful for a low leak where I am able to drive to town to get it fixed. I am thankful to have CAA roadside assistance for anything that does go wrong. I have had to call them quite a few times over the years.

To be clear this is not a blog complaint. I am thankful for my dad who spent 30 years working for a tire company and his discount for tires cannot be touched. I am thankful each and every year to have access to affordable tires that keep me on the road and safe. I am thankful for my brother who came over with a tire pressure gauge when I couldn’t find mine. Thankful prime day discounts I will be buying new ones today. I am thankful for my mechanic who has helped me out of a lot of car troubles as long as I have been driving. If you need a mechanic in the local Kingston area I would give raving reviews to Greg at Johns auto.  I am thankful yet again Greg was able to help me same day. Get back up and on the road. I always appreciate your help! Thank you!!

I think it’s best to make each and every day the best I can. Wise words from a senior I know. Car troubles can always bring about stress but they shouldn’t. I know I am in good hands. I know that all problems have a solution and I am good at problem solving.

What to do once you drop your car off to the garage?

Call your best friend to pick you up for a lunch date. I might be down a tire but I am up a burrito. My stomach is full and my face hurts from smiling. We soaked up some sunshine and sat down by the lake taking in the beautiful sights. On a beautiful summer day im so thankful my best friend is kicking cancers ass and planning a once in a lifetime trip coming this fall.

On a day that could be stressful I choose to look at how lucky I am. I am surrounded by the best people who each and every day I am so thankful are apart of my life. I have the best support crew that I know always have my back. I spend a few minutes each and everyday reflecting on how grateful I am. I am surrounded by love.


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