Chicken, lobster, and peach.

Chicken, lobster, and peach.

There is only one person in the universe who understands what these three emoji’s mean together. I am sharing this blog story about how Heather and I became friends through work, second chances, and the power of the universe.

I am a big believer in what you put out to the universe you get back. I put the power of manifestation to work for me. I believe in timing, signs, and second chances.

When I was surrounded by negativity it’s no shocker that my life was all negative. The people in my life were negative. My life needed an overhauling. I am not saying I regret anyone being in my life each and every person who has come into my life has taught me so much. I am so thankful for so many people.

When I finally made a shift to positivity, well I wanted to find like-minded people. I needed to let go of some people in my life. Letting go does not mean I don’t care or I don’t think about even the most negative people I had in my life. I will always want the best for people, but you can’t make someone change who doesn’t want to change. You have to be willing to put the work into changing. Change is hard work but it is the most rewarding work.

I met Heather through work. We both work at the local hospital. I admit that my first impression of her was draining, I didn’t see the beautiful person she is. I honestly felt like she complained about stuff and she was forever needed to switch a shift. I swear if she pulled that planner of hers out just one more time and asked me for a shift swap. I was starting to feel myself lose my cool. I struggled to remain positive in her presence and so I started dodging her at work. I feel like sometimes at work we get the stressed-out work version of someone and not the true authentic person. Let’s be serious the hospital can be a stressful place. First impressions while lasting impressions aren’t always our last impressions. My views starting shifting when other people talked about how much they enjoyed Heather’s company. I admit I was shocked. This got me thinking that maybe it was my approach with her? I always like to take a moment to do a little self-reflection. What could I have done differently? I find this helps going forward if a similar situation should arise you are better prepared to deal with it. I decided to try a different approach. My idea was to get her talking about non-work related things, don’t you dare pull that planner out girl. I wanted to get to know more about her kids, pets, and her life journey outside of work. I am so glad I changed my approach and took the time to get to know her. Like the saying goes change the way you look at things and the way you look at things changes. Reflecting back she taught me a lot about myself from how I make myself out on first impressions.

Funny story about how the power of manifestation works. A few years ago after I parted ways with my then best friend I sat down to look at my life and what wasn’t working for me. I wrote down on a piece of paper a list of the qualities I would want in a best friend. My list had everything to do with how I wanted to feel. How did I wanna feel having a best friend in my life? I carried that paper around for years. I kept telling the universe I was ready, however, the years went by. I met people who kinda checked the boxes but they weren’t my soul sister. This taught me a lot about being patient. I believed when it was my time it would work out. Hello, 2020 this is my time. I have had a heck of a wild year! Everything I put out to the universe years ago has been answered. Just waiting on my lottery win now!

Heather and I truly have the best friendship. She is a downright amazing human with an exceptional life story. I am one lucky woman to call her my friend. She checks off all the boxes of how I wanted to feel having a best friend. She doesn’t judge. We laugh until we almost wet our pants. We read our horoscopes and believe in the power of the universe. She is a very spiritual woman. We agree that the universe has put us together to do great things. Let’s do it! I cannot wait to see where life takes us. We share the same weird sense of humour. I learned to never open her messages unless I am in a place where I can laugh out loud. We don’t have to chase the other to keep in contact it flows naturally. We are pretty much the same kind of person. We are comfortable being open and talking about everything. There is nothing off the table with this girl. I can bare my soul and know I am accepted. She gets me! I can be one hundred percent myself around her. Heather is my girl soulmate. My soul sister in life. My life and the world is a better place because of you. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person and keeping it real. Thank you for being my chicken, lobster, peach. Love ya!

Thank you!

Thank you..

This week’s blog is to say thank you to each and everyone one of you reading this. Thank you for reading my blogs. Week after week so many people reach out to me with kind things to say about my blogs. I wanted to take the time to say thank you so very much!

This blog comes out on the Tuesday following the Canadian thanksgiving day long weekend. My stomach is filled with turkey, all the fixings, and pumpkin pie. I ate so much I had to wear stretchy pants, yet, my heart has never been so full. I am so thankful. Thankful for family, friends, and good food. I am thankful to still be alive. I am thankful to have love, to be loved, and give to love.

I originally was going to write a thanksgiving 2020 blog about the top twenty people I am thankful to have in my life. I thought twenty seemed like a lot of people to be thankful for that was until I started to write out all the people I am thankful for. Before I knew it I had way more than twenty names, my list of people I am thankful for quickly filled up my page. My blog would have been fifty pages long, so the people I am thankful for the blog will need to be broken down into a few smaller thankful blogs.

A little over a year ago when I started this blog my general idea was to spread my life’s motto: “Do your best and if your best isn’t good enough fuck it.” I decided to put that message passed down to me from my Opa out there and see what happened.

I wanted my life’s motto to remind everyone that life is not about going hard and giving up. It is about always doing everything you can to the best of your ability. You have to keep moving forward. Life only moves in one direction. Forward. Let go of the past. Life isn’t about what we regret but what we can do moving forward to make it better. You need to give your all in order to reach the end result no matter what. You maintain focus on your goal. You can do it.

When I started blogging I wanted to share my life stories. I wanted to let the reader in on the lessons I learned along my journey. I have faced my share of battles. Some battles forced me to some dark places. However no matter how dark the place, when I wanted to give up the most I didn’t. Find your light in life. Add light to your life.

I think every person we meet and every situation we end up in teaches us an important life lesson. Share you’re lessons and help other people. I put myself out there. I share my blogs. My hope is that my writing is able to help someone along their journey.

Be thankful. Let people know you are thankful for them each and every day not just on thanksgiving.

Thank you!

In a world where you can be anything…BE KIND

In a world where you can be anything…BE KIND

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a heck of a year so far. It has definitely tested us all in many ways. The Covid-19 pandemic no matter what your beliefs are it has shaken our world. What we perceived as our “normal” way of life has been challenged and changed. I like many people struggle with change. In a world where you can be anything please be kind. The world needs more kindness.

Kindness is described in the dictionary as “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.”

I will admit I haven’t always been the kindest person I know. I struggled with my own doom and gloom and getting stuck in a rut for much longer than necessary. I wasn’t unable to process life in a kind way.

Could I have been kinder to myself along the way? YES.

Could I have been kinder to others? Absolutely.

Years ago my views on kindness were turned upside down when I met Michael J Chase who is an author and founder of the kindness center. His kindness center has an amazing mission which “has been to open minds, awaken hearts, and demonstrate that kindness is not a weakness, but rather, one of humanity’s greatest strengths”. I joined his speaking event at a Louise Hay House convention not knowing how much he would change my views on being kind. He wrote a book called am I being kind? This is such a powerful question. If you have not read this book I would highly recommend it. He has written three books all of which hold inspirational messages and question how we live our lives. The world is a kinder place because of this man. Thank you for making me a kinder person.

It was a huge wake-up call in life to realize I wasn’t being kind. I was plowing through life just not caring about anything or anyone. I was living life in the fast lane merely trying to fast forward to the end. I missed out on so many moments of kindness that should have changed my life. Slow down and enjoy life.

I wasn’t being kind to myself so how could I be kind to others? I believe any sort of change has to first start with yourself. You have to want to change in order for change to work. It is never too late to change. I wanted to change my life of negativity as it wasn’t working for me. I know my inner self-love language wasn’t kind. I was my own worst critic. I was hard on myself. I judged myself. I didn’t love myself. I had some of the most horrible negative thoughts going through my head over and over.

The first step to being kind was changing the way I spoke to myself and about myself. Once I learned how to speak kindly to myself speaking kindly to others flowed naturally.

I do my best to incorporate random acts of kindness into my everyday living. I try to do at least a few random acts of kindness each and every day for other people. Be kind to others and watch other people be kind to you. You get what you give.

When I am working at my paper-pushing hospital job it is so easy to be kind and to show others you care. I work at the front desk and let’s be serious no one wants to be at the hospital. I do my best to smile, yes even though I am currently wearing a mask and my smile is hidden I promise you I am smiling. I listen to what you have to say and I do my best to be kind and helpful to each and every person on the phone and in person. From coworkers to patients and family members there is always someone who could use some more kindness.

When I am off and I get to enjoy a day to myself I try to reach out via social media to be kind and check in with friends, family or meet someone new. My website allows me to reach out to someone each and every day. I am so thankful for where this journey has taken me, from knocking on death’s door to living my best life. It is never too late to change. Share a chat and spread some kindness.

Three things I hope to pass onto this world through my work are positivity, kindness, and communication skills. Three things I once struggled with. You can always change. Be willing to change. In a world where you can be anything start with being kind.