Where you at?

Okay, I know I have said enjoy Canadian summers because they are gone in a blink of an eye, but this year it especially flew by. I left my job and even had most of the summer off with my boy, but it feels like we did so much and yet nothing at all how is it possible that the leaves are now changing colors and the fall crisp air has set in? How is it possible I already have a fourth grader? Time needs to slow down.

As I sit in my home office with the window open and the lake breeze keeping me cool I love watching the sunrises and the sunsets. Gorgeous colors all around me. I do love the fall season and all its gorgeousness.

I enjoyed my first caddy cruise this past weekend, usually, by the fall I have ticked on hundreds of kilometers but at last this year my lovely car sat in a garage, tarp-covered and sad. . My son has let me know he has been on more cruises this year and that it’s no longer my car. Apparently, I lost my caddy, and he wants it restored back to its original mint condition so he can enjoy the caddy as his first car. I laughed thinking of trying to pass my driver’s test in the caddy. How cool would it be to drive to school in a big ol black caddy. I took my driver’s test in a Mercury Topaz a mid-size car and when I parallel parked, I backed into the spot they have set aside, and I hit both gates you had to navigate between to pass. I would like to say I am a much better parker today. Thankfully, you could have three errors back in the day when I did my testing. I don’t think the caddy would fit between those parking gates. I find it best to find a pull-in spot rather than try to parallel park the caddy. I am not brave enough; afraid I will scratch it the car. I also do not have my transport license and I can assure you the caddy is the longest care I have ever driven. One good thing about the driver’s test with a caddy would have been that I wouldn’t have lost points for speeding like I did. I can only imagine in 7 years when my son finally is a licensed driver what the cost of gas would be to fill the caddy. I do often wonder if as a passenger my son behind the wheel cruising along, would I have the same big smile I see when I look over at my dad. I am not sure if I would be smiling and scared he’s driving my car!

This past weekend we went for a cruise to celebrate my dad’s birthday he is officially a senior and we have a birthday tradition to get Reb Lobster and cruise, This time I picked up my girlfriend smalls who is just the smaller version of myself. I threw her in the back of the caddy and we headed east. We were both having a day sometimes the struggles real. When I have a bad day I try to think of how it went wrong and what I could do to make it better. You know what always makes my problems better? Crushed velour and being in the drivers seat of the caddy! The three of us cruised around laughing and it was just the fall day we all needed.

As thanksgiving approaches this weekend, I think of all the people I am thankful for and my face hurts from smiling. I still make a grateful list every day to remind myself how blessed I am in this life.

Here’s to fall and falling into living grateful lives.

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