Grateful for my tribe

As I walked here alone along the beach next to the Atlantic Ocean last week I captured this gorgeous sunset. I was alone at the beach walking for hours and hours trying to see the sunset from all angles. The brilliant colors that danced in the sky which reflected off the beach, every time you turned it appeared to be even prettier as it moved down the beach.  I was also hoping to catch a glimpse of the supermoon that was supposed to be in view yet it remained hidden behind dense clouds. For hours I walked up and down the beach my heart so full of love. My mind wandered to what a hectic week it had been. I was excited to be soon going home. To unpack my suitcase and greet the pets. Vacation is always an experience but there is no place like home.

I spent as much time every day as I could right close to the ocean listening to the waves wash up on the shore. This will forever be my favorite sound. I even braved getting into the ocean with my son something I rarely do. I got thrown and taken out by a few giant waves. The waves don’t wait for anyone many of us got thrown around before we made it out to the point you could flow with the waves. I forgot how big the waves are and how hard the riptide can be. Just swimming for a short time exhausted me. I caught a great tan and even read a couple of books but I was struggling on this trip for a variety of reasons. This sunset and a moment alone is just what I needed. As I looked back and saw my footprints in the sand it got me thinking about what is the footprint of my life that I want to leave behind? I want to share my passion and my lessons with the world. I felt more compelled to write than I ever had. This is when I took this picture to capture the feeling I was having. To remember this moment in time for the rest of my life.

I sat on the beach in a spot that was empty no one near me, it was near dark at this point and I just started writing about whatever came to my mind. Ocean waves and writing have a way of clearing my mind. I needed to find some clarity. I have so many things that have happened lately that have sucked out all my positive energy I admit I was feeling drained and I knew I wanted to change that feeling so I wrote and I cried. Not because I was sad my life is always changing and I am grateful for the path I am on and all the things I am learning. I cried because as I wrote I had so much to be thankful for. I used to write all the things that were bothering me and flow all the negativity which usually just left me feeling sadder.  As I sat and stared at this list I was so grateful for so many people in my life. I have such a tribe of great people surrounding me. I am always changing and finding new ways to work through things. Life is about always learning and changing the way you look at things. Thank you to all those I reached out to lately needing to hear your words of wisdom. For the phone calls shared, the messages shared, the tea, and the wine and snacks I am grateful for each and every one of you. Remind yourself daily what you’re grateful for. Having a grateful heart moves your day in a positive way.

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