Call me

I don’t know what happens to us when we are no longer here. Heaven or wherever you go when you pass on from here well it has some of my favourite people. Some of those people I have been missing like crazy. I often find signs from those who have passed on. You are always on my mind and forever in my heart.

Lately, I have been finding dimes. It is said that if you find dimes:

“Someone or something is trying to get your attention. – Guidance or validation that you’re on the right path. – Ancestors, spirits, or deceased loved ones want you to know they’re looking out for you.”

When I find a dime I always look up and smile. I feel like now more than ever in my life I am on the right path. Thanks for leaving me dimes.

I miss you like crazy and I know from wherever you are you are watching out for me.

My house has trinkets all over left to me by loved ones no longer with me. I have gorgeous paintings from my grandmother I can still envision her painting in her sunroom with the utmost look of pure joy as she smiled at what she was creating. I still sleep under quilts she made every stitch by hand.

The abstract Cadillac painting by Mr. Freak makes me smile every day. It’s the first thing you see in my house. The chair you designed sits perfectly on my deck looking out onto the water. It’s my favourite place to drink tea, read my books, and work on my book. You had a way of touching people with your kindness. My son still thinks you’re one of the coolest people.

Today however when I was struggling with what to write about I got a sign that made me laugh and cry. I opened a drawer looking for a document and out of the back of the drawer fell a card. It’s a super old “call me” card. You used to use them back in the day when calling long distance was expensive and not included in your calling plan. You had a card with a code that made the long-distance free. It says “Now you can talk to (name) more often”.

For years after you passed away, I carried this card with your name on it. I haven’t seen it in years and forgot they even existed. Now I am not sure if this is a sign I need to clean out this drawer or if you were just trying to get my attention but it worked. Pat wasn’t my father he was my best friend’s father but he accepted a lot of friends as family. He was a huge inspiration in my life and I miss him. What I wouldn’t do to be able to call you one more time and hear your voice, your laugher, and your sass.  Last year I took a caddy cruise up to your grave just to sit and chat. I brought a beer to sit and talk. I drank some and poured you some. I sat and chatted about all the things that have happened since you passed. I think that chat is what lead me to make the decisions that I have. I wish you could have met my son he would have had so much fun hanging out with you! I will forever keep your memory alive. Cherish all the times you made me smile and laugh. You were one of a kind and I am forever grateful for the time you were in my life.

Finding that call me card made me call a lot of people just to hear their voices. In a world of texting, I love the convince of shooting off a quick text but there is nothing like hearing your voice. I will forever be calling just to hear your voice.

If you could make one phone call who would you call?

At the end of your leash

At the other end of your leash, I am smiling. I am so grateful for all the dogs in my life.  From the ones I walk to the ones I have adopted as family, you all fill such a special place in my heart. My heart had a giant hole a sense that something was missing. That feeling has since been filled with the love of dogs. Without ever saying a word dogs show us and they teach us what it is like to feel unconditional love. I am beyond blessed for the dogs I have had in my life and the dogs I still get to experience. I wake up and kiss my dog every day and I kiss her when I come home too. You cant resist Kelso’s cute face.  I am forever thankful for how Kelso the corgi became a part of our family when we needed her the most she picked our family to join. My heart is so full.

The dogs pictured here are the ones who inspire me to keep walking from young to old they have ticked along the kilometers. They have motivated me to keep moving. To walk places I haven’t seen before. To venture where they want to go. To meet new people. To make new friends. Dogs have always taken me out of my comfort zone yet showed me it’s okay. Dogs have a way of keeping us safe.

Some days I can be found just walking and talking to the dogs clearing my thoughts. Some days I have my headphones in. I am currently listening to crime podcasts. Secretly my dream has always been to solve crimes. I have always had this passion to work for the wrongfully convicted that speaks directly to my soul. No matter how deep I am into a podcast I always lower my volume or take a headphone out to say hello to someone walking by or stop and chat. I have met some wonderful people around town. You never know how a smile and a simple hello can change someone’s day.

I love how different every dog I walk is. Each has their own personality and they keep me laughing. I get leashes tangled. I always have more poop bags than I can carry to the next trash can. I am sure anyone who sees us gets a chuckle too. I love the cute looks the dogs give me when they know I am struggling. On the days that start out or finish less than ideal I immediately know what will cheer me up. Get a dog and start walking. I walk until I feel like whatever was bothering me is gone. Sometimes I just need a quiet walk to gather my thoughts.

At the end of your leash, my heart is full and I am so grateful for every step you walk with me. Thank you sweet dogs for teaching me so many valuable lessons and inspiring my book. Here’s to many more years being at the other end of your leash.


Giving thanks

I love thanksgiving.

My heart and my stomach are both so full. I am so thankful and blessed to be living the life I am. I give thanks not just on this day but every day.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to review the year with positivity, love, gratitude and thankfulness for all that we have and all that we are working towards improving.

Always something to be thankful for! What do you give thanks for?

I spent the holiday weekend working at the hospital with some of my favourite co-workers. I got to give thanks to all the people who make my work a better place. The people who inspire me to keep doing a great job. Iam thankful for my job.

I am thankful this weekend’s weather was that of summer temperatures. The sun was shining and the leaves are now changing colours. So many beautiful shades of red and orange making an appearance. It’s slowly easing into fall, such a beautiful time of year.

I am thankful that my grandparents made a turkey dinner and my family came together to enjoy a delicious meal. I can always count on my Granny to make the perfect turkey. I love turkey, throw in some fixings and I am the happiest of any meal all year! My Opa (grandfather) loves when his family comes together for a meal. He sits at the head of the table in a seat he has more than earned with the biggest smile on his face. I look around from the other end of the table at the crazy bunch of nuts I call my family and even though we have all had our moments like any family I love this crew like no other. We shared great food, stories, and tons of laughter. I am brought to tears with how full I am. How thankful I am.

My phone was flooded with messages from family a far and friends everywhere. My face hurt from smiling so much. I am feeling the love and I love you all so very much!

Giving thanks for each and everyday I have with you all.

Don’t wait for Thanksgiving give thanks everyday!