There’s no place like home

Today my heart is so full. I had the most wonderful day off from work. It was a gloomy day. No sun to be seen, it was hidden behind the clouds, and it seemed to rain on and off all day. It was the perfect day to be lazy.

I received the cutest call from my niece around lunchtime. She was wondering what her cousin was up to. These two cousins get along so well. Then don’t spend much time apart but they miss each other so much. They are each other’s slice of normalcy during these wild times. I am thankful to have my family’s help so I can remain working. I am thankful my sister-in-law is a teacher and she helps with online schooling. It is impossible for working parents and families to do it all, we rely on kids going to school. I don’t know how people are coping. This last year has rocked a lot of things. Changes keep coming with little notice. Change is hard for kids and as we brace for more online learning I know it’s upsetting. For each upsetting moment I can always think of 3 moments in any day I am grateful for and it reminds me we will get through this. If you need help getting through whatever I am always here.

Every night at dinner I ask my son what are 3 things you’re grateful for and what is 1 thing you wish you could have changed about your day. It always starts such an interesting conversation and leaves us both with full hearts.

Tonight we let all our worries melt away. We played some games. I showed them I will always be the Nintendo champion. We laughed and we ate a lot of snacks. (If her parents read this she did not break the junk food challenge) I have all these movie points so usually on a weekend we rent a movie or on an April break Monday since I guess that’s a thing now? The popcorn was dripping in butter and they decided on the wizard of oz. My son and my niece are both eight years old and I think the first time I watched that movie I was about eight years old. It was so interesting to see the movie through their eyes versus mine.

When I was a kid I was Glinda the good witch for Halloween. I spend most of my days wearing this big fluffy dress I got from our neighbour and pretending I was a princess. I think this is where my dream of becoming a princess first started. I loved that dress so much. It had little diamonds and shimmer. I will never forget Ann giving in to me such a princess moment. A memory that thirty years later I still remember like it was yesterday.

I loved this movie as a kid. I thought it was magical and I wanted to sing along to all the songs. I loved the movie until I saw the flying monkeys. Those blue-faced, half-bird-like monkeys creeped me right out. Whoever designed them had me terrified. I had nightmares for years. I kept thinking the monkeys would come in my window and snatch me up like they did Dorothy. My dad told me I talked too much and the monkeys would return me. He was probably right.

My niece Aria noticed right away that the people from the black and white were the people in the colour part the friends were the lion, the tinman, and the strawman. I never noticed this until I watched it tonight and I am embarrassed to say I watched this movie a lot. Yes, after the first time I knew when the monkeys were coming and I closed my eyes and fast-forwarded.

My son Dan being the animal lover that he is, was nervous that Dorothy didn’t have her precious Toto dog on a leash. He was always running free which he said was okay at home. However, he was concerned she wasn’t at home and Toto didn’t know where they were going. What if he got lost or taken again he might not find his way back to her? When I watched it the first time I thought her dog was cute but I never thought of this.

Both had such adorable movie views. I sat back and smiled at how cute they are and how lucky I am. There is no place like home. If I had sweet ruby heels and I could wish to be anywhere after three clicks there no place I would rather be than at home. Being at home during this lockdown has made me appreciate everything in my life a whole lot more.

Three things I am grateful for today:
1. For my family’s help, love, and support.
2. For movies and delicious snacks with the kids.
3. For my silly old lady corgi dog who snuggles so sweetly.

What is one thing I would change about today? I wouldn’t have changed anything about today except maybe the volume level on those kids!

What are three things you’re grateful for and one thing about today you wish you could change?

What would you wish for?

If you could blow out the candles and have any one wish come true what would you wish for?

Yesterday was Monday, April the 5th. It marked both Easter Monday and my Opa’s (grandpas) 87th birthday. I love celebrating a birthday. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. It is the one day that is just about you! I jumped out of bed yesterday with such Monday excitement, something I admit I don’t always have. It was going to be my first caddy cruise of the season. The sun was shining and as I drank my morning coffee and watched the sunrise over the lake I also watched a barge pass by. At 07:00 my heart was so full. I knew it was going to be a great day!

I was excited about this birthday and immediately called my Opa to sing to him. I woke the senior up I thought it would be safe to call the retired senior after seven but at last, we woke him up. Wake up Opa it’s your birthday! Happy Birthday!! As my son and I started to sing him happy birthday our corgi dog Kelso barked along. I have no idea why this party pooper puppers hates this song. You can literally sing any other song she’s fine with it. I spend most of my days with headphones on belting out the lyrics to some of my favourite songs. Soon as you start happy birthday she barks directly at your face until you stop. Point taken party pooper but I still love birthdays you will not be changing my mind. I am also an old lady set in my ways! We three sang a lovely off-tune bark-filled version of happy birthday one that will not soon be forgotten.

Let the good times roll. As soon as my butt hits the crushed velour interior of the caddy the tears began to fill in my eyes. How is it possible to love a car that much? With the velour under me and the sun shining down on the hood ornament, all is right in my world. For twenty-two years that car had made every spring better. It has made my life better. It melts away my worries and always puts a smile on my face. I have taken a lot of caddy road tours but this one with my dad to celebrate Opas birthday might mark my favourite. I loaded up the cake, a ton of candles and took the extra-long way to get to the farm. Never any hurry as you caddy cruise.

As I lit the pile of candles eight on one side and seven on the other I thought I hope I don’t burn the house down or I hope the firefighter who responds is easy on the eyes. Ha, Hey I can dream!

Who came up with the idea to light candles, sing happy birthday, blow out the candles and make a wish? Having the dream of birthday magic. I think back to all the times I blew out the candles in my 39 years and I have wished for some fun things. I believed in birthday magic. One year as a young girl I wished for a pony and later that year I got a pony. I figured birthday wishes worked! I have wished for everything from finding love to a lottery win still waiting for those wishes to come true! Feeling good about turning forty. This year’s birthday numbers didn’t net me fifty million in the plus but I still hold out hope.

As I watched Opa smile at his birthday cake and blow out the birthday candles he wished for another year. Another year to spend with his family. For the second time on a Monday, my eyes started to tear up and my heart started to fill even more. I think of how different our wishes were from the time we were kids into our thirties and going beyond into our eighties. When you have everything you could want in your life and you just want more time. My Opa has played the biggest part in making me the woman I am today. I am the mother and family woman I am because of the years we have spent together. Growing up I spent more time on the farm with my grandparents than anywhere else. It’s still the first place I head on a day off. Nothing like coffee and a good snack with the seniors. To know my Opa is to know what the love of a family is.

Three times on a Monday I was brought to tears about how much love I felt. I am beyond blessed to share such wonderful memories with my family. The third time that Monday brought me to tears was watching my son with chalk on his face, shirtless on a cool afternoon on a sugar high run around having fun with his cousin. To be a carefree kid with no worry in the world. Monday the 5th day of April you filled my heart with such fond memories. I am thankful for my family each and every day. I love you all so very much! Here’s to another year with many memories to be made.