Road Trip!

Load up I need a road trip. On this certain rainy Saturday, a random road trip with the purpose of delicious snacks! I love a road trip filled with good music, laughter, and discovering new snacks!

This road trip was a girls-only adventure. It started with a plan to head to the Trenton bakery a place my Opa loved and filled with all the treats I love. When I open the store door, I can picture your smiling face as I collect our favorite treats and black licorice cat candies, we loved to share my” happy pills” as he called them. I cannot live without those candies. They are the key to my happiness. I constantly crave them and should buy stocks in the company.

Joining me on this adventure is a woman I met through a co-worker. We instantly bonded and have been best of friends. We have so much in common. Katie I am so lucky I found you!  Katie became my Smalls, and I became Talls. Yes, I tower over her over six feet in stature. She may be small, but this woman has the biggest heart of anyone I know. We oddly have so much in common we instantly bonded like we always knew each other. Hanging out with you girl is just easy and it is always so much fun!

We have been on some amazing random road trips filled with endless laughter and random pictures on funny-named roads, kissing statues, and jamming all the snacks in our faces.

We keep finding the most amazing snacks, but we are always dreaming and making lists of places to hit up and try the latest best-find snacks. I hope we spend a lifetime searching out delicious snacks. The adventures we have in search of snacks oh goodness as I think of all the places, we have been I wonder how we are not on a permanent sugar high or maybe we are!

Life is always somehow always better and more fun when you are around.

Just yesterday when I was feeling down and out struggling with the problems of adulting you were my shoulder to lean on and then you randomly showed up with cheesecake the one thing that no matter how sad I am will always put a smile on my face. You came with a huge box of all the favourites. No words needed just some hugs and snacks. You just get me girl thanks for that.

My son loves Smalls and her crazy pets he always wants to visit at her place. If I ever leave this world Smalls you will be getting my son and alllll my pets!

Kelso our beloved corgi goes crazy when Smalls visits she instantly brings all the toys to Smalls because she knows she loves dogs and will always play.

My sons beloved cat Noah will also come running because he knows Smalls will always pet him as she has cats of her own. I avoid cats the best I can not because I do not like them but because I am allergic making cats like me a million times more,

Smalls has just become a member of our family! I always tell her sorry girl you are stuck with me F O R E V E R! I think it’s going to take us that long to find the ultimate best snack ever. Thank you for always loading up on road trips and for always be there when I need a bestie, I am beyond lucky to call you mine. Thank you for all that you do! We love you!


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