I will not give up!

This weekend reminded me that I am older than I think.  I am forty. This weekend reminded me that even though I think that I am twenty my body would disagree. I have sore spots on my arms where I didn’t even know you could have muscles.

Truth be told I have struggled a bit to make the adjustment to working Monday to Friday 9-5 and having weekends off. I love my house, but it seems even smaller when I never get out of it. I am staring at multiple screens a day and am so tired of screens. I am burnt out. I want a screen-free holiday!

Friday night my partner suggested why don’t we do something like go rock climbing or a movie? I then turned the question over to my son and asked which activity would you rather do? I was delighted and a little bit anxious when he picked rock climbing. I have always promoted doing something outside of screens. I grew up in the outdoors and now with more screens than ever I love it when we can do anything without screens. I however do not enjoy gyms filled with people.

Rock climbing, I may have bitten off more than I could chew. Something you should know about me if I am determined to do something nothing will stand in my way I will not give up and I will do it. I will find some way to complete the task at hand.

The last time I went rock climbing I was much younger and more fit, or less broken. As I watched my son do the training, he looked a little bit scared, but as soon as he was on his own, he lit up that wall and climbed to the top in lightning-fast speeds.

I don’t know who made the grades or rates the walls from easy to hard but I at last was defeated and stumped on the easiest wall rated at a 5.2 it was starting to become impossible. Impossible is not a work I like to use. I think anything is possible if you have the right attitude. I don’t like that feeling of defeat. I despite pain and tears attempted the wall more than once probably 4 or 5 times. Between my discs slipped in my back, nerve damage, almost no feeling in one leg and a broken pelvic floor I am not sure why I thought I would be great. I went in to complete the climb determined. I gave myself points for trying but I want to high five the top of the wall.

Everyone around me in the gym was truly kind yet as the tears that rolled down my face I was feeling defeated. The tears were from a combination of pain and defeat.

Pay attention when I say that I will be back, and I will make that 5.2 wall my bitch. I will make it to the top and happily jump down. Now that I know what I need to work on I have a game plan.

This is the mind set you need for life! When life knock you off a wall before you accomplish what you set out to do. Make a new plan tackle it in a new way but never give up. You got this. If everyone was just instantly great at something the first, try, we would have no reason to work and do better or work up to a goal.

I am determined.

I am strong.

I am surrounded by good vibes.

I got this!

Fit fabulous and getting up that 5.2 rock climbing wall here I come. Stay tuned for my victory picture!

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