Life is short!

This picture was painted by a girl I used to share a significant portion of my life with. We were best friends and our dogs were best friends. We shared a lot of great years filled with laughter and tears. We helped each other through some pretty tough times of life. We are no longer friends and it reminds me life is short. This picture currently hangs in the corgi corner of my house.

Some people play a massive role in our lives and stay for long portions and some people play essential roles and only stay for a little while. No matter how long and no matter how many chapters my life is I am thankful for everyone who has come and gone and who has made me the woman I am today. I am grateful for those around me, for those who have come, gone, and stayed, and for all the lessons learned along the way.

Life is short and it hit me hard these last few months. Turning forty almost did me in. I have cried every big number birthday thinking I failed at life but this one hit me upside the head so hard I almost didn’t get up! Not because I think I have failed. I found myself in my thirties. I learned to love in my thirties. I got the world’s best promotion to mom in my thirties. I am living my best life. I spent my fortieth birthday eating the best burger I have ever had a maple brie burger at a place my Opa loved. My first birthday without you was hard. I had lunch with Granny which lead me to tears. I kept crying and overthinking life, missing so many things. Oh goodness, I would have loved to have heard our server like this table is crying ordering more food, and crying. Forty I can say thanks to that burger and grannies wise words is one I will never soon forget. Gran reminds me regularly to live by the wise words Opa said all the time.

Do your best and if your best isn’t good enough fuck it, so I did a thing. I quit my job! Brace yourself this isn’t a nervous breakdown yet a journey to further self-discovery. For almost twelve years I have worked shift work at pretty much every front desk the hospital has. I have been there and done it all. I poured my heart into being great at my job, making people’s days just a little bit better however I could help. This is my time. I took the leap June 30th will be my last day. I am going to do a work-from-home gig. I know I can find a job I love working from the place I love. This has been my dream for a long time and so I did it. I am making my dreams my reality. I am living my best life. A life I love. Here’s to living out my dreams and crossing things off my bucket list. I vow to make my forties my favorite years.

What’s something you have always wanted to do?

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