In a world where you can be anything…BE KIND

In a world where you can be anything…BE KIND

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a heck of a year so far. It has definitely tested us all in many ways. The Covid-19 pandemic no matter what your beliefs are it has shaken our world. What we perceived as our “normal” way of life has been challenged and changed. I like many people struggle with change. In a world where you can be anything please be kind. The world needs more kindness.

Kindness is described in the dictionary as “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.”

I will admit I haven’t always been the kindest person I know. I struggled with my own doom and gloom and getting stuck in a rut for much longer than necessary. I wasn’t unable to process life in a kind way.

Could I have been kinder to myself along the way? YES.

Could I have been kinder to others? Absolutely.

Years ago my views on kindness were turned upside down when I met Michael J Chase who is an author and founder of the kindness center. His kindness center has an amazing mission which “has been to open minds, awaken hearts, and demonstrate that kindness is not a weakness, but rather, one of humanity’s greatest strengths”. I joined his speaking event at a Louise Hay House convention not knowing how much he would change my views on being kind. He wrote a book called am I being kind? This is such a powerful question. If you have not read this book I would highly recommend it. He has written three books all of which hold inspirational messages and question how we live our lives. The world is a kinder place because of this man. Thank you for making me a kinder person.

It was a huge wake-up call in life to realize I wasn’t being kind. I was plowing through life just not caring about anything or anyone. I was living life in the fast lane merely trying to fast forward to the end. I missed out on so many moments of kindness that should have changed my life. Slow down and enjoy life.

I wasn’t being kind to myself so how could I be kind to others? I believe any sort of change has to first start with yourself. You have to want to change in order for change to work. It is never too late to change. I wanted to change my life of negativity as it wasn’t working for me. I know my inner self-love language wasn’t kind. I was my own worst critic. I was hard on myself. I judged myself. I didn’t love myself. I had some of the most horrible negative thoughts going through my head over and over.

The first step to being kind was changing the way I spoke to myself and about myself. Once I learned how to speak kindly to myself speaking kindly to others flowed naturally.

I do my best to incorporate random acts of kindness into my everyday living. I try to do at least a few random acts of kindness each and every day for other people. Be kind to others and watch other people be kind to you. You get what you give.

When I am working at my paper-pushing hospital job it is so easy to be kind and to show others you care. I work at the front desk and let’s be serious no one wants to be at the hospital. I do my best to smile, yes even though I am currently wearing a mask and my smile is hidden I promise you I am smiling. I listen to what you have to say and I do my best to be kind and helpful to each and every person on the phone and in person. From coworkers to patients and family members there is always someone who could use some more kindness.

When I am off and I get to enjoy a day to myself I try to reach out via social media to be kind and check in with friends, family or meet someone new. My website allows me to reach out to someone each and every day. I am so thankful for where this journey has taken me, from knocking on death’s door to living my best life. It is never too late to change. Share a chat and spread some kindness.

Three things I hope to pass onto this world through my work are positivity, kindness, and communication skills. Three things I once struggled with. You can always change. Be willing to change. In a world where you can be anything start with being kind.

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