The man behind the motto

The man behind the motto – Yes, the man behind the motto is my Opa, a wise man who came to Canada by boat from Germany many moons ago. He boarded a boat at the age of 18 for a land he didn’t know and a language he didn’t speak. He didn’t have a ton of money saved or a place to go. He left behind his family to create a life in Canada. He had no idea at the time what he was getting into. He did his best and his best amazes me to this day!

This man has always been a dreamer and a very hard worker. He is now in his 80s and still going strong. He has built houses, barns, apartment buildings, storage spaces, and a real working carousel in his back yard. You name it this man has probably built it or dreamt about it. I am pretty sure when he’s not building, his happy place is in his office dreaming about the next project. He always has a pencil in hand doodling away on blue graph paper and you never know what he will work on or dream up next. His mind is always going and so is that pencil. He goes through a lot of pencils and paper. I think he should get a discount at staples. haha

I talk to him on the phone pretty much every day. He calls it the seniors check-up. We like to catch up and laugh, and it seems to put us both in better moods. This man means more to me than words can ever describe. He has taught me so many lessons over my life time, but most importantly he’s always been that voice during times when I have failed or wanted to quit that has kept me going. He is my only grandparent left and he is amazing! I am so blessed to be able to take my son to a farm I so enjoyed as a child and even though it has changed so much over the years it’s not the working orchard or sheep farm it once was, it still holds so many precious memories. To see the joy in my sons eyes, to watch him build and dream alongside his Great Opa, just fills my heart so full. To watch the two of them load up and ride the tractor around the farm talking about who knows what, reminds me so much of when I was a kid riding right beside Opa too.

Recently my son came to me and said, “mom you know who the best in the family is?” I am not going to lie I was ready to accept my mother of the year crown, when he shattered my dreams and said “ Oh no mom its Opa.” Now he may have won because he always has a Kinder egg for my son but my son also says, “Opa’s the kindest person I know”. Even though I didn’t win the award of best in the family there is no one else I would rather lose to than Opa. I have to agree with my son, Opa is the kindest person I know too. My whole life he has shown kindness to not only us but to so many others. To know my Opa is to know what being loved really is.

I can’t think of the first time my Opa said “Do your best and if your best isn’t good enough fuck it”. He has said it to me so many times over my lifetime it got me thinking. It kept me going when I didn’t want to. It’s such a catchy saying that maybe his wise words could help other people. He taught me how to do my best and I want to share that with you!

I have to laugh, I have the “Do your best and if your best isn’t good enough fuck it” saying around my house on vision boards, print outs, wipe boards. It’s a saying I use often and now my son who is six said to me the other day, “mom what’s that saying of Opa’s you always use? I wanna share it at school!” Oh dear lord, my son is going to be kicked out of grade one. Sorry school. Goodness, I hope my Opa is available to home-school my boy. Try to explain it’s a good saying but you can’t use it at school, just before the bus. I guess I have to come up with a kid friendly school appropriate version.

I have so many wonderful memories and pictures from over the years all around my house. I continue to make memories. We are so blessed to call you our family. I just want you to know I am doing my best and I love you so much. Thank-you Opa.

As I end this I find it hard to stop writing about such an amazing man. I legit could write a book on just funny Opa stories. I kinda have to laugh knowing my Opa does not use a computer or know how to connect to the internet. He wouldn’t log on my website and read this or e-mail me and tell me how much he enjoyed it. I have to say thank goodness for Granny!!

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