I can do this and so can you!

I can do this and so can you!

Repeat after me: “I can do this”

“I can do this”

“I can do this”

“I can do this”

I start each day saying this to myself at least 4 times in a row a few times throughout the day. I find this keeps me on track and reminds me I can do this. I can do (insert whatever it is I am working on or towards). I say this a lot!

I got into life coaching to help people who are stuck in life like I have been and to help you reach your goals. One huge thing that has always stuck with me is life sayings. Motivational words to remind yourself how great you are. Everyone is different and on amazing journeys. I love to hear your stories and I hope mine inspire others along the way. I have been blown away with the work of many life coaches on my journey to becoming the best version of myself. Who I was in the past and who I am today and becoming tomorrow has been a journey of a life time.

I start each day with a reminder that I can do this.
I look at myself in the mirror every day and I remind myself I can do this. I have gotten this far in life and I am still rocking it. I CAN DO THIS!

I start each day reminding myself how grateful I am. I keep a picture frame beside my bed with a dry erase marker and I write something or someone I am grateful for. It is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see before bed. I also have a huge vision wall right beside my computer desk with all my dreams and goals. This reminds me every day and every night the things I am working towards. I started with a vision board. Once my board was filled I realized my visions and goals were much bigger than a board. I got a huge picture frame and it quickly became filled. Now I have a vision wall. I realized I have a lot of things I wanna accomplish in this life and it’s freaking amazing that I need a whole wall to see all of my visions. Anytime I am feeling down I just need to sit down in my office and, bam, right beside me is this wall of inspiration. Everyone should have a space like this. This space reminds me how I got here and where I wanna go. This wall makes my heart full. This wall makes me wanna get things done!

I start each day by reminding myself how lucky I am to still be alive. Each day is a gift. Rock each day like it could be your last day. Do something fabulous.

I start each day with my heart full of love. I remind myself how much I love me. I remind those around me how much I love them.
I start each day with strength and determination that I can overcome. I know I can overcome because I have!

Just to clarify before you think I live with my head in the clouds I don’t. I know being tall I almost touch the clouds but in all reality this does NOT mean each day is a great day. This means that I have allowed myself to slow down my day to process whatever comes up. Do I still get passionate when people bring up topics I believe in? YES! Do I still get upset? YES! However I have decided to come up with better ways of dealing with things that upset me. I make better choices now besides running away or turning to addictions.

I used to jump out of bed with no time to spare and rush around. Most of my days were a blurred mess with anger and everything going wrong. I never slowed down and appreciated the small things that make my day right now. I never slowed down to do or enjoy the small things that make my day down right freaking fantastic. You would be shocked at what you notice about life once you slow it down and enjoy it.

I lived most of my life in the fast lane, going full out, no plan and no care in the world. I didn’t care about the people around me that I hurt. I didn’t care about the jobs I had. I blew money like I had a money tree. Nothing really mattered to me. I spent my days mad and blaming others. Instead of dealing with the pain and learning how to change. I found addictions. I found drugs and alcohol, social media, unhealthy relationships. I lost myself and it was one hell of a ride to get myself back to experience a life I love.

I am by no means perfect I am and always will be far from it. I am me! I allow myself to slow down to take each moment for what is. Yes situations and people still get under my skin. I do my best to approach all situations and people with a kind, open and loving heart. I remind myself that everyone is doing the best they know how with the skills and abilities they have. I remind myself that not every battle is worth fighting. I remind myself I don’t always have to be right. I remind myself I can walk away from situations I don’t want to be in. I remind myself to shut down my negative thoughts before they become repetitive. I remind myself to use the skills and abilities I have been working so hard on to open my life to love and kindness.

I remind myself each and every day that I am doing my best and if my best isn’t good enough fuck it!

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