Where have the years gone? How are you eight today? Tuesday, Blog Day, and a Birthday!

My son, you are eight, well not really until 3:21 this afternoon but close enough. As you eat mini Boston cream donuts for breakfast and tell me about your plans for eight. You have a lot of plans I might need a second coffee. You are a handsome young man who is going to change this world.

You are an old soul who is currently obsessed with Pavarotti the opera singer. Between listening to Pavarotti and friends album and Stompin Tom and how you can sing every word, oh goodness son you keep me laughing.

You asked to go on a trip to pay your respects to Stompin Tom when you found out he had passed away. You got cowboy boots that match his for Christmas and you are all set. Quick google search to find out his grave is here in Ontario. The first caddy cruise when she rolls out in the spring sounds like a fun time.

You are celebrating your birthday during Covid, in a lockdown, with online schooling happening. I never believed you should go to school on your birthday it’s the one day of the year that’s just your day! So today we eat mini donuts, we go to the local coffee shop, we go to the park with your dog, we do all the things you wanna do and we celebrate what an amazing kiddo you are.

I love that you have redone my life motto from “Do your best and if your best isn’t good enough fuck it!” to a kid-friendly version because you don’t wanna get in trouble for swearing at school. Your kid-friendly version that I adore has been changed to “Do your best and if your best isn’t good enough have fun with it!” When I asked you why you picked that you simply said being a kid is about having a lot of fun. I agree. I am a big kid so I think life is about having fun!

You started your own vision wall for your birthday and I love what you wrote. “Do your best job everyone and be nice”

You are one of the kindest kids I have ever known. Your ability to fit in anywhere always makes me smile. You always brighten someone’s day by talking to them. You honestly never stop talking. You have no fear of people. In your little home community, everyone seems to know you. You leave a mark everywhere you go.

Sometimes we struggle to get along. We have our moments just like everyone else does. But you kiddo are a strong believer you are right. Now I know how my parents felt when I was growing up. I too was always right.

With your daily love notes and that beautiful smile each and every day I am grateful, I am your mom. How did I get so lucky to be your mom?

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