Does January have you feeling down?

Do you feel like all your energy is drained?

Where is the sun? The fun?

Every year I find myself struggling to survive the month of January. It’s a new year and I always set a new intention or theme I want to work on for the year. New Year still the same great me just always working to tweak a few things.
January is filled with some of the best people and pets I know birthdays for that I am grateful! Dan, Kelso, Granny and cousin Dahri you help me survive January. I love a birthday. I love decorating. I love cake!

Truth be told I had never heard of S.A.D I just thought once winter went on for too long I was over it. I like the sun and the heat. The long summer days where you think it’s 5 pm but it’s 9 pm. After a few months, the darkness and the cold of the winter get to me. I can feel myself wanting to just stay in bed forever. I dislike being cold. I do get a lot of relaxing, tea drinking, and book reading done in the winter months. I absolutely love when it snows and you look out the window or door to a beautiful untouched winter scene. The big fluffy snowflakes slowly dancing to the ground is a sight I love to watch.

It was a friend of mine who first told me about S.A.D.

If you google SAD you will find “Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons — SAD begins and ends at about the same times every year. If you’re like most people with SAD, your symptoms start in the fall and continue into the winter months; sapping your energy and making you feel moody”
Does anyone feel like this?

Lately, I have been having some rough days. Today I took a day to disconnect from most people on social media. I put my phone down something I don’t do often enough. I went for a walk all alone this morning. I jumped out of bed and made myself get outside. I came home had tea and then I went back outside with my dog. I took Kelso for a walk down the park to see the swans. This year the swans have been wild. The swans have been motivating me to walk more. I have enjoyed sitting down by the lake and take some of the most amazing pictures.

Today my son got to go back to school and he came home in a wonderful mood. He struggled with homeschooling and was so thankful to be back with friends. We turned out Munday feelings into the best Monday ever!

We had a wonderful supper followed by some yoga relaxation that even Kelso got in on. Our dog does an amazing down dog and when you’re trying to do relaxation she will pile her toys on you. We laughed and we had a wonderful day.

When I am feeling like S.A.D is getting to me I need to remember to breathe. This feeling like all other feelings will pass. I need to get outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. I need to disconnect from technology. I need to do yoga with the crazy members of my house. I need to sit down and in five minutes I thought of all the people and things I am grateful for and it brought me to tears.

What’s something you have done this month that was just for you? That brought you back to feeling like yourself?

Don’t let the long winter months get to you. If you need someone to talk to my phone is always on.

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