I feel called to write a book because…

July 30th, 2020 I set out on a writing course through Hay House. Turns out writing a book is harder than I thought. I was stuck so I turned to Hay House for some inspiration.  One of the first exercises we did was to set a timer and write for 7 minutes which seems like an easy task until you sit down to do it. My dream book is a teaching memoir from the messages of my sweetheart dog  Charleston.  I let the book idea flow and in 7 minutes this is what I wrote with tears streaming down my face. It’s hard for me to write my story it still hurts. I miss my sweet boy every day. He wasn’t just a dog he was my reason for living.

I am writing this book because…

I have a story to tell. One I know will help people shift their lives from negativity into positivity. I am writing this book because we all can learn from the animals around us. If you can open your heart up and feel the unconditional love of an animal your life is rich.

Animals have so many messages to teach us. I am blessed to have had my heart dog for 8 years. He left me long before I was ready but what he left me forever changed my life. He changed it for the best.  I want to share his messages with the world.

To know Charleston your life was a better place because of it. I want to capture how he without any words he made me feel. The lessons he taught me and how even from beyond the grave he sent Kelsey (his sister) right into my path. When he couldn’t stay well he still gave us exactly what we needed. He knew he couldn’t stay and he knew I couldn’t live without him. Oh, Charles this sister of yours.

Tears pour down my face with each happy memory. You were exactly the dog  I needed in my life. You healed my life and made me see the good again in the world. You taught me how to approach people with a kinder more loving heart. You made me less scared to be alone. You taught me how to be confident.

If this book can help just one person then I know I have done right by sharing your messages with the world.

I may never find another King and I may spend my current days being bossed around by the Queen but the last 9 years have been a heck of a ride.

From the good, the bad, and the downright ugly to the most amazing life now. You helped me every step of the way. I have never met a spiritual guide with such a fluffy butt. I will never in my lifetime be able to express the feeling of gratitude I have for you but I will write our story and know I did my best.

You make me feel like nothing else ever did. Your power of positivity is captivating.

I miss your head on my shoulder more than anything. I would give anything to spend just one more night snuggled up with you.

I know you couldn’t put into words what you saw in the world but through your actions, my tear, and laugher I am writing our story, good boy. Thank you!

I absolutely loved these writing exercises and the Hay House, writers community. I am still writing my book with 8 positive steps. Like the 2 dogs and paws that inspired me to write.  Corgis have changed my life, they have brought the most amazing people into my life. Charleston forever changed my life in the best way possible. Someday I will be someone’s favourite author so I keep writing.


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