What makes you happy?

I figured out how to be happy once I placed the responsibility for being happy into my own hands.

I always thought I was unhappy because of other people. I always thought it was someone else’s responsibility to make me happy. I was the queen of the blame game. I happily accepted the victim label. I stayed sad because I thought no one could make me happy.

I want to remind you that happiness starts within.

WAKE UP! This is your life. It didn’t turn out as you wanted?  Join the club, things don’t always go as planned. I have been very unhappy in chapters or parts of my life. I have now stepped up to take responsibility for my part.

I went on a long journey to find out who am I? What makes me happy? I asked myself what can I do to make myself happy?

I know I am happiest when I am alone. Pause: I know I am one step away from living off-grid. Just me and my pack of corgis on a mountain top breathing in a beautiful view. I would be left alone with my thoughts. I could read books. I could be inspired to finishing my book and go on to write many more. I think that would fill my soul with happiness. However, this is not a reality not yet anyway so I work and have a balance of my alone time as well as time with my crew of people who add to my happiness. Other people are not responsible for my happiness but the right kind of positive people can add to the feeling of happiness. I am so grateful for my crew of people you all fill my heart with such love which creates a happy heart.

I take each day I am given and I do my best to spread happiness through my kindness and positivity.

I am happy when I am writing. I block off time to write because it is important to me. I share my writing because I enjoy helping and inspiring others. I keep writing to inspire the chapters of my book to keep flowing. The ultimate book dream. The happiest thought is one day I will be someone’s favourite author.

I am happy when I am near water. I moved to live closer to the water. To always be able to see the water. To be steps away from the waves. Water grounds me and brings out my creativity.

I am happy when I am relaxed and so I do yoga, meditation, and visualization to keep me in a level-headed mind. Start each day slowly without rushing. Start each day with a grateful heart. Start each day doing something that makes you happy.

I am happy when I am driving. I love to sing my heart out and cruise around. I plan road trips to capture that happy feeling I get from being in the driver’s seat. Even better if it’s the driver seat of the caddy. I am always happy when I am sitting upon the crushed velour interior.

I am happy when I am snapping pictures. I love a sunrise or sunset picture, beautiful colours dancing in the sky. Love a picture of waves crashing on the shore. I love pictures of other people and animals. I love to look through pictures and be reminded of a person or place. Pictures make me smile and remind me how blessed I am. I surround myself with some of my favourite pictures.

I am happy when I am laughing. Laughter is a big part of my everyday life. I enjoy watching everything Chris Farley his brand of laugher instantly makes me happier. I love to make other people laugh. I love to hear the pure joy in a child’s laugh. I love a good punny joke. Humour has helped me become a happier person.

I am happy when I am reading. From a young age, my grandma always inspired me to read. My friend giraffe Jen and I battle every year who can read the most books? It keeps me motivated to always have a book in my hand. I love to get lost in a great story. Reading inspires me to keep writing. To reach my book goal.

I am happy at work when I am problem-solving and making someone’s day just a touch better. Helping people fills my heart. I am happy I have a job that I love.

I am happy when I get a phone call I wasn’t expecting. The kind that catches you off guard and you can’t stop smiling. Pure unexpected happiness. Talking is my happy place. I love to talk.

Baby snuggles always make me happy! So many of my friends with so many cute babies thanks for allowing me to steal some cuddles.

Miniature donkeys I don’t know why but instantly make me so happy. I have become a broader line stalker to a local farm. Instantly happy can’t even cope with the cuteness. Also, I can stop watching Jacobs ridge sanctuary videos of Steve the donkey. This sweet donkey is pure happiness. I am glad it doesn’t tell you how many times I have viewed your videos. I follow many donkey groups and all the pictures make me happier. I think I need a donkey in my life.

I am happy to be given this day to fill with happiness.

I think like is too short to be anything but happy. If you are not happy then you need to change whatever is making you unhappy. I had to change almost everything about my life to place my happiness into my own hands. No one is in charge of me. This is my happiness. I bring happiness into my day at every chance I get.

I look at it as if I died tomorrow would I have been happy with how I left my life? Would other people have described me as happy? Today I could say yes, but for many years my answer would have been no. I am grateful that I discovered my own happiness.

Create your own happiness. Discover what makes you happy. If you are struggling as always I am here for you!

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