Is anyone else itching for spring?

Does anyone else love spring cleaning?

Do you ever look around and think where did all this stuff come from?

I bought our house five almost six years ago. Moving from an apartment to this house I was surprised at how much stuff we had.  It seemed to quickly fill our house up. The number of things that have come and gone for my son with age and ever-changing tastes. The memories we have had in this house. The many times I have changed the decore. The great flood that changed our lives.

I grew up in a family of collectors. I found myself collecting things that have brought me joy. Everywhere you look you can find a corgi or a flamingo in my house. I have sentimental things from those who have passed. My walls are filled with pictures. I enjoy sharing these memories with others.

My book collection is something else that has always brought me such joy but what do you do when you’re done reading a book? They sit upon my bookshelf and collect layers of dust. I would like to share some of my favourite books with others. This is where the little community library on my lawn came from. Inspired by a vision and built with love. I always have something to read. I enjoy seeing the smiles on people who stop by and find a great book. Take a book and enjoy! Thanks for leaving a book so I always have something to read.

Another thing I own a lot of is clothes. I am one person. I have always had a struggle finding clothes that fit me. My Oma (grandmother) and my mom used to make my clothes. Being a tall child in the ’80s left my options limited. As you can imagine I had a bold flower print collection of home-sewn clothing. Thankfully today they make tall clothing shops. I admit when I find something that fits and I love it while I buy lots of it. I am one person I can only wear so much. My walk-in closet is crying for space. I have started downsizing and donating my clothes and my never-ending collection of shoes. I know someone in need with appreciate my 38 inseam pants and size 10 footwear collection.

I like to be organized and have less clutter. In 2022 I am trying to keep the things that are important to me with me but the things that are just “stuff” let go. If it’s just taking up space and it’s not filling a purpose why do we have it?

The same can be said about our thoughts. We hold onto a lot of “stuff” thoughts that don’t bring us any joy or serve any purpose. Why do we hold onto them if they have no purpose in moving our lives forward? I like to let both physical things, as well as mental things, go. Release what you no longer need. Let that stuff go!

Clean your mind, clear your stuff, get organized and kick some butt! That’s the spring cleaning vibe I am setting for 2022.  Join me in letting go of your “stuff” whatever that might be. Spring into the life you want. Less stuff more space for great memories.


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