Songs that played throughout my life

Songs that played throughout my life…..

Do you ever catch yourself listening to a song and it instantly takes you to a place you heard that song before or it reminds you of a certain time shared with someone? Just hearing that song can transport you back to a certain place or recapture a feeling? That feeling can be so real just from hearing a song? I often catch myself singing a song and remembering some place or someone. I love the power of music. I absolutely love to sing. When I say I love to sing, I mean to myself, in my car, like I am the lead singer of the band. No greater feeling than hearing a song you know every word too. Something about singing has just always had an instant way of cheering me up! I enjoy rocking out.

When I was in my teens and in my 20s I used to go to a lot of concerts. I have seen some of the most amazing bands live. I love the energy at a good concert! I love sharing my love for music with people who share the same love. My best friend during my teens and 20s times was a gal named Dahri and, we saw some of the greatest bands together rocking out. We did a lot of singing and shared a lot of laughs. Thanks for all those great times.

Growing up I always wanted to be a musician. The dream of being a rock star seemed so real. I took guitar in school. Wow, what an epic failure. I am pretty sure I am tone deaf. I tried to play the drums. Yep, you guessed it I was a hot mess. I have zero rhythm and coordination. I have an uncle who is good at everything music. He can play any instrument. He can listen to a song and play back on different instruments, it’s amazing to watch.

My love of music started as a child in my dad’s record collection. He has some pretty amazing records. Every now and again he will fire up the old record player. When I was a kid I remember it sounded so amazing. It was a certain art to get it to play the right song. I used to love to listen to Powder Blues Band-Thirsty Ears. Then when dad made the big upgrade to tapes, oh wow, did he ever have a lot of tapes. Since the Cadillac car only takes tapes we still have a few most importantly Steppenwolf so I can play magic carpet ride. Anytime dad was working in the garage he always had his boom box and tapes playing. I always think of the times in the garage when I hear Copperhead Road. Then there is Jimmy Buffet *insert eye roll here*, oh dad and his love of all things Jimmy Buffet. I don’t understand it but once it came in handy and I won some money in a bar because I could sadly name more than 5 other songs of Jimmy Buffet, other than Margaritaville. I am pretty sure my hearing is permanently damaged because of how loud Jimmy Buffet was played throughout my life.

My mom listened to more girly music. My love of Alanis Morissette started in my mom’s CD collection. I still enjoy cranking her songs and sing my heart out. I had the chance to see her in concert. It’s still one of my favourite concerts. She still introduces me to great music. You never know what mom will like next. My mom took me and my brother to our very first concert to see Barenaked Ladies. I still remember how everyone threw Kraft dinner on stage during the song if I had a million dollars. I loved the energy during that show and I was hooked on concerts. The last concert, well reading with music we saw together was Bif Naked. What an absolutely phenomenal woman. If you have not read her book, heard her songs or seen her live I absolutely recommend you do! I have seen both her rock show and her book reading. I would highly recommend both!

My brother growing up as a teen was into heavy metal music, he introduced me to NIN. When I saw NIN live the show blew me away. I think Trent Reznor has an amazing voice and he’s easy on the eyes. My brother still supplies me music for my car. He introduced me to so many amazing bands over the years and let me tag along to so many concerts as a teenager. Thanks for putting up with me brother and my brothers friends. I am sure I will forever be that annoying little sister! You’re welcome.

My step mom growing up was a huge Tragically Hip fan. I think New Orleans is sinking and I don’t wanna swim is permanently stuck in my head. It seemed anytime she had music on it was The Hip. I was recently in Bobcaygeon and I could remember the words to the song from all those years ago. They are a timeless band that forever will be remembered. I was also lucky enough to see the Hip with her, super cool experience.

Bryan Adams forever makes me think of my granny and her endless love for him. She saw him in concert 2001 and she is still in awe. She has her tickets framed and she will always tell you how great he is. I have never seen him in concert but if it’s even half as good as she describes it, I am interested.

Carousel music or German Oompah music always makes me think of Opa. Any time I hear Carousel music it makes me think of all the fun times we have shared at fairs and his unbelievable collection of Carousel horses that play the music too. German Oompah music always makes me think of Opa dancing around in a circle with his arms up. I don’t know if that’s actually how they dance, but he sure made me believe it was.

My Oma always listened to opera music and even took me to an opera. I can’t say as I understood it quite like she did. It was interesting to watch her sing along to her favourite opera songs. Since Oma knew so many languages she could sing opera in different languages it was truly magical to watch. She would explain to me what the opera was about with such passion almost like she was in the show.

I listen to a lot of different types of music. I think the only music I never really got into, understood or liked is country; of course my son now loves country and has me listening to it. Still not a fan but maybe it will get better? If you listen to country music shoot me a message and let me know songs to check out.

Thank you music for always having the song I needed to get me through my life. No matter the situation or feeling I am going through I always seem to find a song that fits and that I can rock out too. Thanks to all my friends and family who have been to concerts with me. Thanks for all the great songs shared over the years. Thanks to my uncle Ken for always being my rock and roll uncle, and for trying to teach me to play some music even though I failed LOL Maybe you will have better luck with my son? *fingers crossed* I think I would make a good rock and roll mom just saying!

Keep on rocking!

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