What in the actual BEEP is going on

What in the actual BEEP is going on…

This is not a rant but my thoughts, feeling and a reminder of how kindness is needed now more than ever.

It seems like just yesterday we were going on about our lives. It seems like just yesterday I was reading about this health concern in China. It seemed like a small worry at the start but it quickly escalated. It seems like in a blink of an eye that it has spread to the better part of the world. It didn’t seem like it could be true, a plague like virus affecting so many people. One day it was fine and BOOM it’s here. It’s scary because it’s new. It’s scary because people didn’t take it so seriously at first and it spread so quickly.

Everything is shutting down. My son is home from school for at least 3 weeks now. Daycares are closing. The malls reduced have hours. Restaurants are shutting down. Movie theaters are closing. Casinos are closed. Churches are closed. AA meetings are cancelled. Any March break event you could think of is cancelled. Every concert or show is cancelled. Every sporting event is cancelled. Everywhere you look everything you see is now about the coronavirus. You cannot turn on the TV, the radio, flip through the paper, read the online news, check your e-mail or even load Facebook without seeing updates about the number of cases and where the cases are being confirmed. Every company that has ever had my e-mail is updating me on what they are doing to keep the world safe.

Every passing day is a frightening reminder that it keeps affecting more and more people. Covid-19 has hit fast and scared us good. I am positive I read the symptoms as being cold and flu like and nothing about needing 8 billion rolls of toilet paper. Yet here we are March 2020 and there isn’t a roll to be had. No toilet paper, no hand sanitizer and no cleaning products. I have never seen bare shelves at the grocery store in my life. The isolation period to stay home is 14 days. I don’t know how people managed to buy out the stores. I have to say I am shocked. In a terrifying time like this don’t forget to be kind. You don’t need that much toilet paper. SHARE! Think if the tables were turned and you were out, you sure as heck would hope someone would share with you. Be kind. You do not need 8 billion rolls of toilet paper to beat this.

I am cautious going forward for sure, yes everyone should be. There have been cases all around us and I am sure it’s only a matter of time before it’s here knocking on my door. It’s one heck of a virus. New facts come out all the time and they seem scarier each day. I work at the local hospital doing paperwork and I will be washing my hands like a mad woman, more so then before if that’s possible. I have kind of always been a germophobe.

I know in 2020 we have amazing technology and surely someone is going to figure this out. In the meantime do not go visit the elderly who are at high risk, those with breathing problems or pre-existing medical conditions. Do check-up via phone, email or text to make sure everyone is okay. Offer help where you can. Be kind.

In a time of absolute chaos please do not get caught up in being mean to others. Please don’t rush out and by every single thing you can, think of others. Share what you have and protect not only yourself but everyone else. I have offered many of the items in my home to others. My neighbour shared her sanitizer when it was impossible to purchase any. Come together in your family, your work and your community. Help each other out!

My Opa, the man behind the motto, is approaching his 86th birthday in April and I damn well want to make sure he gets there. I have told my family I will be distancing myself physically as I work at the hospital and I don’t want to risk anyone getting sick. I have made deals that if anyone is sick I would bring the supplies needed. I will leave them on your porch, and wish you well from there. I would do whatever it takes to help anyone in need. I absolutely love to help others at any opportunity I can. I have had so many wonderful people help me in my life so I do whatever I can to pay it forward, to be kind. I know kindness isn’t always taught to everyone but it’s never too late to start.

Kindness, it goes a long way. Kindness, is free to spread. Spread Kindness everywhere! A little bit of kindness goes a long way. The world could use more kindness now more than ever.

Stay safe and stay healthy. As always I am here if you need anything feel free to reach out via phone, text or e-mail. See contact page for more details.


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