During my first Louise Hay convention titled ”I can do it” which was all about how to heal your life. I sat in the audience with thousands of other people and I listened to Louise talk about networking and about how people don’t just talk to others. She encouraged us to have random chats with strangers. At the time this thought scared me. We were always taught not to talk to strangers. What would I talk to strangers about? I had a bad habit of over sharing my life’s disasters and not filtering well. Louise told a story about having something wrong with her foot and she couldn’t find any relief. She was sitting beside this person one day and they just started a random conversation. It turns out that person sitting right beside her did healing so they got together and fixed this foot issue. I was scribbling my notes down like a mad woman trying to suck in every bit of knowledge. I laugh now at the thought because the energy was electric and in that moment I wanted to change. Picture thousands of people with so much positive energy radiating from them the vibe is unreal. I met some of the most amazing people at those conventions. I came home from those conventions year after year with so many thoughts and ideas and then slipped right back into my old way of life. I never changed. I planned and I dreamed but I never took any action. Man I could plan thought. I would plan every little detail out and do NOTHING. Welcome to my life for years and years. I was stuck. I was sucked into the everlasting planning mode. I had pretty post it notes all over with hopes and dreams but I never made them my reality. I lived with my head in the clouds. Forever dreaming and forever planning.

I have never been great at turning plans into action or seeing plans from start all the way through to success. I got the organization down pat. I mastered the make it look pretty, neat and tidy, straight up NAILED IT. The going from the paper plan or the vision in my head to the real life I failed over and over. I failed so many times I often wonder how I got up off the floor and planned some more?

I figured once you failed you are just supposed to give up right? I came, I tried, I bought the t-shirt, I failed and so I left. I didn’t have the fight in me. I failed and I gave up. I failed and I gave up because I never really cared about what I was doing. I thought I was unique in my sad story. It wasn’t until I reached out I talked to strangers and I networked with people who had stories like mine. People who went onto live extraordinary lives despite failures and being stuck in different parts of their lives.

I have met so many amazing people who have inspired me to never give up. I have been inspired to share my story. I want to share with you my hopes, my dreams and my failures, because they make me who I am. I am who I am today because despite my failures I never gave up. I always knew I was destined for great things in life. I just had to find people who inspire me not only today but going forward in life. I want to be a person who inspires you. I want you to know no matter where you are in your life there are always more great things to come. I want you to reach out and start a conversation. I am always available to chat.
In troublesome times like the ones we are currently facing with Covid-19 don’t forget to network. Reach out now more than ever and talk to strangers. Find the help you need. Be the help someone else is looking for. Networking now is easier than ever. Go online and start a conversation.

Before ending this blog I reached out to my Opa and Granny and asked them to write something about networking, failure and success. Here is what was written by the wise seniors to share with you. “Failure is not a stopping point but a stepping stone to success. When something doesn’t work, then you move on to the next attempt using a different path or tools. That might fail too but then it makes you more creative to find another way. Expanding your contacts and listening to people with different opinions and theories is the best way to find the new path and the new tools. While you might not agree fully with everyone you listen to, there will be something you can take away and use. Another useful point to remember is “keep it simple”. Eventually, if you persevere, there will be success.”

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