This blog is brought you by the letter C

Letter C

This blog is brought you by the letter c.

Some of the things I love the most start with the letter C. I was making a list of what I am grateful for like I often do and I noticed most of the things I Love start with the letter C. I love Corgis, Cadillacs, cake, coffee, crying and cuddles.

Most of my life I cursed the fact that my parents spelled my name with a “unique” silent letter C. I feel like I was forever telling people how to pronounce and spell my name.

Corgis. The queen’s dog. I have had the absolute joy of having my heart dog for 8 beautiful years. Charleston forever saved my life. He was the one animal that knew exactly what I needed when I felt I couldn’t go on. I planned to take my life and he saved my life. When he passed he left I giant hole in my heart. Without him I felt I couldn’t go on. The crying and over thinking about his passing hurt my soul. I believe in miracles and then we found Kelsey the corgi who’s original name was Chelsea. The C is healing my heart. She is the drama Queen and constantly makes us laugh and bosses us around. She picked us and I will forever be grateful for all the time we share. I am forever grateful for all the people and their corgis that have come into my life as a result of my corgis. I have the best corgi family!

My love of Cadillacs comes from my dad. He purchased a Cadillac just as I was getting my license. Over the last twenty years we have shared a lot of fun, random road trips, memories and even some tears in the Caddy. That car has brought me so much joy. Each and every time my butt hits the blue crushed velour driver seat I am the happiest I could be. Caddy cruising is where it’s at. Thank you to everyone has taken a cruise with me and who have sang the Caddy song with me. Cheers! Here’s too many more random road trips.

Cake. I freaking love cake! From the first birthday cake my Oma (grandma) ever made I was hooked. I honestly cannot live without cake. When I moved out on my own I used to go to the store and buy cakes. Sometimes I even had them personalize them with a name, not a real person’s name and I ate it. If there is a rehab for cake addiction I need to go. I love any get together that has a cake. If you’re having cake count me in. I will say that no one ever made the “butter cake” like my Oma. I looked forward to that cake each and every birthday. I do love all kinds of cake but cheesecake has to be my top! I haven’t had a cheesecake I didn’t like. I have driven all over in search of the best cake. I honestly wouldn’t admit if I found it. I will continue searching my whole life and eating all the cakes.

Coffee. I cannot function without coffee. I love a good fancy coffee or a flavoured coffee. I like my coffee with milk or whip cream but not just regular cream. I start each day with a cup of coffee and most of the day I can be found sipping coffee. I am always drinking coffee while I write. I come from a whole family of coffee drinkers. I honestly do not understand how people function without coffee. I love the smell, the taste, the kick of energy, feeling that I can take on whatever task I need to get done. My son will tell you don’t talk to me until my morning coffee is done.

Crying. I have cried so many tears in my lifetime I am shocked I haven’t drown. I have a huge heart. I love hard but I also feel heartbreak hard. I feel so much better after a cry. Big puffy eyes. I believe it’s better to get your feeling out then hold them in. No shame in crying. I do find though that it’s best to cry in the Cadillac. The crushed velour soaks up the tears so much faster than any other fabric. I am forever thankful when my heart was destroyed my corgi Charleston licked up my tears and always cuddled with me.

Cuddles. Some of my best cuddles I shared with someone I thought would love me forever. That changed but my love of cuddles didn’t. I have my corgi cuddles. Kelsey cuddles the same way Charleston did with her head on my shoulder. First time she did that you can guarantee I teared up. I have to admit that my ultimate favourite cuddles are baby cuddles. The kind of cuddles that make your arms go numb but you wouldn’t dare move. I am so thankful for friends with babies who let me cuddle. I am always available. Being tall has it perks most babies fall asleep cuddling me. I walk around for a few minutes and bam they pass out hard. I think it’s because being so high up the air quality makes them sleepy. That’s been a joke with friends for years. Recently I had cake and baby cuddles. Best day ever!

When I can combine things from the list of c’s that I love it’s an even better day. I often have a corgi in the Cadillac, or coffee or a cry, sometimes all the above. I can’t bring myself to eat in the car and I hear it’s distracted driving if you cuddle and drive.

I am SasCha. I am unique. I have a list of C’s that I love. I am grateful for all the corgis, Cadillacs, cake, coffee, crying and cuddles that have brought me close to the people in my life. My heart is so full and I am so grateful.

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