The dream of writing a book has been in my head since I was a kid. Recently I signed up for a week’s writing course through Hay House. Louise Hay was a huge inspiration in my life. The first time I attended a Hay House convention they were talking about a writer’s course and if you were the lucky book picked they would make you a published Hay House Author. That has been my dream now for years. I am going to write this book I have in mind, no matter what happens. I always love to dream. The dream of being a published Hay House Author is my book dream.

I was listening to the zoom conference on replay because with shift work I missed every one of the live chats but the first one. Thankful they have the video replay.

The conference was on zoom with Reid Tracy now CEO of Hay House and Kelly Notara’s. They definitely got me thinking and threw a wrench into my book idea. I now have a clearer idea of what I wanna present. Back to the writing board I go. I know it will all come together and this will be the book of my dreams. I can do it!

Since I was a kid, as soon as I could write, I have been dreaming of a book. I always knew my book would somehow be centered around my love on animals. I have always felt like I could communicate much better with animals than with people. I understand the messages from animals.

In the conference they were talking about a first book might be the book before your book. This made me nervous I don’t want this book to be that kind of book. I want this to be THE book. Then I remembered wait this would be my second book. When I was around 10 years old I wrote a horse themed book complete with a hardcover that was made of wallpaper. I began to wonder whatever happened to that book?

Great news, while looking for something completely unrelated in my storage area low and behold I found my first book. Complete with hardcover made out of flowered wall paper. It’s bound together with a combination of staples and duct tape, my go to supplies. It is an original first edition copy that didn’t make the best sellers list. It is titled Oldie locks and the 5 ponies and my pony dawn says it’s a great read on a Saturday or Sunday. I figured as an adult people always worked during the week and spent all weekend reading. I dedicated it to my Opa and Lauren a.k.a Granny. I spent most of my childhood on the farm and the reason I thought I could, and still do, communicate with animals is because of Granny. She has an unbelievable way with animals.

The story takes you on a journey of my love of horses and my fear even as a kid of getting old. The book starts and I describe how Oldie puts on wrinkle cream every morning because even as a kid I was terrified of getting wrinkles and being an old lady. I don’t say how old Oldie is in the book but I would have said in her 30’s if you asked me then, that’s as long as I thought people lived.

In the book I have 4 ponies in the barn. Dawn was my pony growing up she healed my heart from all my little kid problems that I thought were life ending. She was my very best friend and the reason I wrote the book. The other pony named in the book is Kherry which was grannies horse when I was a kid. She was an Arabian horse with a huge personality of her own. I made up the other fictional ponies in this story and I laugh now they are named Anna and Dan which are now the names of my best friend and my son.

In the ten page book I talk about my dog Kelly who was a Dalmatian and grannies dog Sky a boarder collie always coming to the barn. I am shocked to walk in on Anna and Dawn talking. I thought talking horses would blow the readers mind. I also secretly wished my pony Dawn could have talked to me. The book ends with Anna having a foal which I named Prince and it ends with me telling the readers he dies at 35. Truth be told I thought everyone animal or human died at 35. I typed out all 10 pages and did my own art work. I probably should have invested in someone else to do the art. Wow, my people and horse drawing skills.

In the back of the book it says that I wrote it at age 11. I am so very glad to have found this gem in storage. My son is now reading the book and asking me so many questions.

I am excited to be writing another book where I still believe animals teach us lessons of life. I am happy to report I no longer believe everyone dies in their 30’s, oh goodness. I am thankful that in this book I won’t have to use my amazing lack of art skills to portray my message.

I am thankful for the writing convention that threw a wrench into my book plan but put me on a clearer path. I don’t know when the book will be done. I guess that will be when my message is out the way I want it to be. It is a work in progress. I am excited and enjoying the journey.

I am thinking about doing guest blog spots so I can focus all my writing time into my book. Would anyone wanna do a guest blog? Reach out to me via e-mail. If I can blog you can too! It’s been a great experience sharing with you all.

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