Love notes

Love notes

Nothing in the world warms my heart more than a card or a handwritten note. To see your handwriting and feelings expressed in the perfect card or note is the best gift in life. This instantly makes my day.

I keep a giant box filled with cards and letters. I have almost every card and letter given to me since I was a child. I cannot let these memories go. I am a hoarder of all things handwritten. I often pull this box of memories out and re-read some of the best memories shared via ink and paper. Having a bad day? Pick a card any card! I reach in this box of love notes and I am instantly cheered up.

I was born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s. Before the times of cell phones and texting that consumes so much of our time now. In a world of texting, I still prefer to talk on the phone to hear your voice to be consumed by the sounds of your life, but if given the option I would always take a handwritten version of your message. Something I can cherish forever. Don’t get me wrong I love technology and the ability to instantly talk to someone anywhere in the world but seeing the generic messages and the copy and pasted images of virtual cards just aren’t the same. Reading e-mails and text messages just doesn’t do it for me. I wanna hold the card. I wanna hold the letter. I wanna see the strokes of your penmanship. I wanna cherish your signature.

Finding the right card for someone that instantly sums up what you want to say or shows an image you know will make someone smile, laugh, or flood them with memories is the greatest feeling in life. The perfect card is winning the lotto to me. I spend a lot of time selecting the perfect card. I have thought about making my own line of cards. I am always on the hunt for corgi or flamingo cards.

I grew up writing to pen pals from all over the world. I grew up writing to my family who lived far away. I was forever rushing home from school shaking with excitement to check the mail. Getting mail when I was a kid was the best thing in the world. Ripping open the envelope and unfolding the origami-like folded delightful updates from my best friend who lived in the big city. I grew up in a small town and always dreamed of what it would be like to live where my letters came from. I got lost in the multi-coloured inked words you shared. I loved nothing more than to write you back. I lived for my letters and cards in the mail.

My first boyfriend was the king of love notes. He used to write me cute little notes and hide them in my work bag. This warmed my heart more than he will ever know. He always found cards that made me cry. When I forget what love feels like I re-read his cards.

When my son started school I started writing little post-it notes and hiding them in his lunch box. I wanted to remind him how much I loved him, how much I missed him when he was at school and secretly I wanted it to help him learn to read and write in a fun way. I started out drawing little pictures of his favourite things. I am sure his teacher thought they were pictures he drew. My art skills are that of a small child. I continued every day he was home with me. It became a fun little game I would distract him in the morning after I packed his lunch to sneak off and write a love note. He started to look forward to these notes. If I was rushed and forgot he was bummed. It became our cute little game. The more he learned to read the harder my post-it notes became. I wrote more challenging words he would have to sound out. I drew clues as to what the message was about. I loved writing him love notes.

I have a backpack I take to work and about a week ago I opened my bag and attached to my work bag was a love note my son wrote to me. I started to cry. He wrote me a love note and hid it in my bag. Now every day he’s home he hides a love note in my bag with a sweet message. I love his love notes.

It takes us just a quick moment each morning to remind each other with a cute note of how important we are. Write to someone you love a quick love note. Not all love notes have to be sappy. A simple have a great day on a post-it note in your handwriting can quickly change someone’s day. For example, I went to work one morning, having a morning. I struggle with sleep and sometimes mornings aren’t my finest time. I got assigned to work on a floor I love and they must have known I was coming the night before because upon the monitor from one of my favourite unit clerks Re-Angie was a post-it note that simply said: “Have a lovely day side two!” (side two is one of my many nicknames) I still have this Re-Angie post-it note in my badge holder. She didn’t know it then but this made my whole day better with her handwritten love note. On mornings when I am dragging my butt I pull this note out and my day is instantly great!

One small note can change someone’s whole day!

I love notes. I hoard all things handwritten.

If you would like to write me a card, letter or love note. I would love to write you back. I have included my address below. Please remember to include yours.

Sascha Davis
Bath Ontario Canada
K0H 1G0

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