I have a confession before I start this blog. I kill plants. Yes, it’s true. I don’t mean to be a plant serial killer it just happens. For the record, this is not on purpose. I don’t buy plants to kill them; it’s not a fun hobby of mine. I would love to have my house covered in plants. I would love to grow big beautiful palm-type trees and to have flowers in every colour. Sadly I have none. My last victim was an aloe plant. Rest in peace, my little friend.

It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a flower, tree, bush, or house plant I seem to kill them all. I have been trying to grow something, anything, without much luck. I have dreamed of my house being covered in greens. Every plant I have tried to keep has perished rather quickly. I can’t take all the credit for killing the plants I do have a cat that gets into all the plants. He enjoys digging up plants as well as eating them. Thanks, Noah for being so helpful.

Valentine’s day 2021 was the first time in forever I can remember not receiving any flowers from a loved one. Hold up don’t worry Valentine’s Day was saved thanks to a kind strange man. I came home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. This kind guy decided to buy a truckload of flowers and hand them out. The world needs more kind strangers like that guy. Thanks, James.

I am not a huge fan of cut flowers they never last long and it’s kinda sad when they die, but for the time they are in full bloom, the beautiful colours and scents delight me. Every year for as long as I can remember my Opa (grandfather) has bought me more flowers than anyone I know.

I have never seen such beautiful bouquets of flowers as the ones arranged at our local store here. Trugs Floral’s flower arrangements are exceptional. I love where I live.

The house I purchased some years back came with amazing flower gardens. The lady who lived here had the most beautiful gardens. I could tell she took such pride. I am trying. I find it hard to find the time to spend in the flower beds. I buy new soil every year and mulch and I feel like I spend way more time than necessary. Yet everything keeps dying.
I am trying. My plants and flowers are a process. I am not giving up. I am determined. I have joined plant growing groups. I have reached out to people with beautiful plants for tips and tricks. I am designing a yoga corner in my house that will hopefully include hanging plants, ones that I can keep alive.

Life is a work in progress and not everything I have tried has bloomed into something great but I never give up. It seems simple to some but it has been a real struggle for me. Hit me up if you have some plant tricks or tips. For those of you living locally if you love gardening swing by in the spring I could use all the help I can get.

This is my year. I am going to successfully grow a house plant or two and I am going to get my outside flower beds looking like the year I moved in. Stay tuned for the updated plants I grew and or kept alive in the spring forward blog!

Growing is one of the most important life lessons. Never stop growing. Always have dreams and goals to work towards even it’s something simple as successfully keeping a house plant alive. I never stop growing. I fail. I get up and I keep trying. Every dead plant or failure has taught me something to try differently. I try again. I will not give up until I have beautiful plants. I have that drive and determination about any obstacle in life. Find positivity, keep moving forward and grow.

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