Snow day!

Snow day

I woke up today (Monday, February 22nd) for that I am thankful. I actually jumped out of bed early to catch the sunrise over the lake. I took in the warm pink colours peeking through the trees while I drank my morning coffee. Yes, my coffee had maple syrup and milk in it; don’t knock it till you try it. The beauty in my morning view fills my heart, I am thankful for each sunrise I get to watch. The beginning of a new day. Let’s do this!

I had a long list of productive things I was going to do today. A weekday off from work is where you will find me being most productive. When my son in school and I have the house to myself. I had my “Monday to-do” list in my hand and ready to start. My plans quickly changed just as I got into the swing of things. Yes, I make real to-do lists, not being the best sleeper often makes me forgetful. Also, I just love the organization of a list and the accomplishment of crossing things off the list.

As the snow started to dance flake by flake down to the already enormous amount of snow piled around the house I had a gut feeling the school buses were going to be canceled. Moments later my feeling became a reality. I have always allowed my son to stay home on snow days. They were some of my favourite childhood memories. I am thankful for snow days. Slow down and enjoy each day. I laugh at whatever the day challenges me with and I do my best to make it fun. Life’s too short to have anything other than laugher and fun.

I decided my Monday to-do list can be done another day. I decided to just go with the flow. What kind of fun can be had on a snow day? No more to-dos just as much fun as possible. Everyone needs days like this. It doesn’t have to be a snow day just slower than a normal-paced fun day! My favourite kind of day.

I had the laziest morning I traded in my to-do list for a good show and more coffee. I watched the snow come down and harassed some of my friends. I am thankful for the power of the internet and messaging to keep in touch when I can’t see them all. Never enough hours in a day to be thankful for all my friends. My crew includes some pretty awesome people! Thanks, friends.

What did our snow day look like? FUN! Dan came home from his grandmas and immediately cranked his music up. Our house is always filled with tunes. I’m happy when I’m singing. I’m impressed at all the lyrics Dan’s learned, be it they are mostly Stomping Tom but it could always be worse? Right? I still have “Tillsonburg” stuck in my head while I am trying to write.

I left the day in Dan’s hands and through the eyes of a kid, we did whatever he wanted. I needed those laughs kiddo, Thanks. From jewelry making for his teddy bear to snacks, stories, NES, a sappy puppy documentary that made us cry, snuggles, singing, and dancing you name it we shared a lot of laughs. Laughs until it hurt to laugh. We never did clean up all the snow that fell. No work accomplished today. I don’t think tomorrow is always promised to us but I do think you need to make each day the best you can.

My tomorrow to-do list is going to be twice as long but I wouldn’t trade the fun we had for anything in the world. So many of our days are a blur of things we think we have to accomplish immediately. Nothing on my to-do list was more important than sharing laughs and making memories. I am thankful for my son and all his fun snow day ideas. I am thankful for friends who each and every day make me laugh.

Here’s to more snow days and lots of fun still yet to come. Slow down and appreciate the people who each and every day make your life even just a little more fun.

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