Rest, recharge and roll with it

Rest, recharge, and roll with it.

I am writing this on Sunday, July 11th, 2021. From a beautiful view of Lake Ontario. I love where I live.

It all started last night when I accidentally double-dosed my sleeping pills. I do not recommend doing this. I however did have an absolutely fantastic sleep. Sleep is something I struggle with. You know it’s a good sleep when you wake up, no alarm set, face down in a pile of drool. This hasn’t happened to me in years. I was feeling better. Well-rested after working six days in a row on little sleep. I was starting to feel burnt out. I was working in an area I don’t usually work in. My head was hurting. I need a good rest. I got a good rest indeed. I was ready to take on the day. Bring it on Sunday morning!

My son was so excited to be going to his best friend’s birthday party. Nothing beats a best friend’s day with cake. He has missed his best friend with all the covid restrictions it has felt like a year has passed since they last saw each other. In reality, it was a couple of months tops. After the party, he was headed to papas for a sleepover. Pretty awesome Sunday Funday kiddo.

I had a Sunday to myself. I was going to set out on a road trip with a friend. That’s when a friend of mine decided to cancel pretty last minute. I get it life happens. Roll with it.

Before I set out on the journey to find myself this cancellation would have ruined my vibe for the day. I used to be crushed when someone canceled plans or even changed plans slightly. I would have been defeated. I would have canceled the road trip completely. I would have been unhappy that someone else ruined my day. I loved to play the blame game. It’s time now to put on your big girl pants and seize the day. When plans change roll with it. So what someone canceled? The day must go on! You have the choice to whine and cry about it or you can make it the best day ever! I could have called another friend and included someone else fun on a road trip but I decided to embrace the day alone. I took it as a sign last-minute girl do this alone today is your day.

I set out on a solo road trip. I packed my snacks, cranked my tunes, rolled the windows down so I had that wind-blown hair look, and I sang my heart out. I was on the hunt for a beautiful view. I was looking for a place to inspire me to write. Somewhere to be alone with my thoughts. Something I have needed to do for a while yet found myself constantly getting distracted. It was going to just be me alone with my pen, my notebook, and endless writing. I have been in a writing funk for a while now. I know I am behind on my blogs and writing in general.

I ended up at Little bluff conservation area. What a gorgeous view. I found a spot on the rocky beach to call my own. When I looked out at the lake all I could see was water for miles and miles the land disappeared. Sailboats slowly drifted by. It was a cool and cloudy day. I was dressed for it to be warm and sunny. Roll with it, I dug a sweater out of the trunk of the car. I was covered in goosebumps, not used to this cool July weather. The wind was blowing and the waves were swishing over the rocks. The sound grounded me. All my scenes were delighted. I started to write one blog after another time flew by as did the pages. Yes, I prefer to write in a notebook and then type it up at a later date. I know I am a dinosaur. I am not the best with technology. Nothing to charge just pages to flip.

I was alone on this beach few people came and went. I sat and I wrote and I took in that view. I felt alive. I felt inspired. I worked on my book. I had tears of joy in my eyes. I felt productive and accomplished. I even saw a corgi on the drive. I might add I waved at the lady walking the dog like she was my best friend. Now I chuckle thinking she doesn’t know I have a corgi ha.

I could have had a very different day but I awoke relaxed. I did something that recharged me to the core of my soul and for everything that arose that day, I just rolled with it. It was just what I needed a day to myself doing the thing I love the most. I too had a Sunday Funday! I need to make more on my Sundays like that.

What is your favourite Sunday Funday thing to do? What re-charges you?

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