Ring Bling!

My love of rings started when I was a young girl. I loved to go through my mom’s jewelry box and try on all her jewels.

A moment that I will always remember and cherish from my childhood was the day my mom took me to the jewelry store. It was a  local store on the main street of the little town I grew up in. She took me to get my very first gold ring. I felt like royalty.  The ring I picked out was a yellow gold ring with my birthstone aquamarine. It was simple yet it was the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen. I wore that ring every day up until college when it went missing/ was stolen.  I was devastated. I have spent years searching for a ring like it. I know a replacement ring could never replace the feeling that the original ring gave me but I always keep an eye out.

Now as an adult I wear three yellow gold rings on my right ring finger. These rings have been passed down to me from my family. These rings mean the world to me. These rings remind me how loved I am.

The ring closest to me was given o me when my grandma Davis (my dad’s mom) when she passed away I inherited it. It is a solid yellow gold wedding band. It was a ring given to her by her husband for their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.  It is a ring that carries such loving memories. It is a part of our family history. I feel honoured to wear it.  When I look down at the ring it reminds me that lasting love is possible. Thanks, grandparents your love lives on through this ring.

The middle ring makes me smile and remember my time spent on Vancouver Island. It reminds me I am braver than I know and stronger than I think. I ended up on Vancouver Island as a runaway bride. After close to a year I had pawned my engagement rings to catch a flight back to Ontario. It came to the exact amount I needed, I took that as a sign. My west coast dreams didn’t work out as I had planned. I felt like it failed yet again in life. However, I forged forward and what came next from coming home forever change my life in the best way possible I got my son.  My middle ring was given to me by my cousin Noah. The ring is yellow gold with a few diamonds. When I was leaving the island she wrote me a letter that made me cry and she surprised me with this ring. She said, “No woman should be without a diamond.” I love this cousin of mine far beyond what words can describe. We live thousands of miles apart yet we live very similar lives. You have such a beautiful heart. I am so glad you are a Davis. I’m so lucky to have you as my family. Thanks, cousin I miss you tons and I love you lots. I think of you daily when I look down at this ring.

The ring on the outside is such a unique ring, I fell in love with this ring the first time I found it in my mother’s jewelry box. It is my parent’s wedding ring. The ring is a yellow gold band with partly melted-down gold nuggets. My parents got married in the Yukon. A place I dream to see. Even though they have been divorced for many years I love this ring. Without the Yukon wedding, I might not exist. Thanks for passing down this ring, I am thankful I still have you both here. Every day I see your ring and it makes me smile.

These three rings stacked together make my heart so full of love. Everyone should have some ring bling it’s a wonderful feeling knowing all these rings were worn by the family before me and will be passed down to family after me.

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