Dancing in the rain

When I wrote dancing in the rain as a title for a blog I immediately had a rock star moment and started singing “If you like pina and gettin’ caught in the rain”. It instantly makes me giggle at how much I love dancing in the rain. I also do love a pina colada. Have I had a Pina Colada in the rain? Absolutely! The combination is perfect. Don’t believe me? Next time it rains get a pina colada and get out dancing in the rain.  Dancing in the rain is the one time when the world slows down and I feel like no one is watching me. I feel like the rain coming down around surrounds me like a blanket and no one can see me. I get lost in the feeling of being the only one in the world. I love that feeling.

Sometimes I invite my son or a friend to run out and enjoy dancing in the rain with me. It always ends the same way being soaked, feeling silly, and filled with laughter. You cant dance in the rain in be in a bad mood. It will instantly cheer you up. I imagine it has others giggling too. Anyone who witnesses that amount of silliness has to be giggling. Laughter makes us feel better. Being silly makes us forget about the seriousness in our lives.

For the record, I am not a dancer so the moves seen during the rain are not those of a professional. I almost never dance unless the rain brings out that feeling. For those few short minutes, nothing in the world matters it’s just pure silliness. You forget anything you were worried about. You get lots in your senses.

When I write a blog I have that same feeling as dancing in the rain brings. I write best on days when I am alone and my house is quiet. These are usually rainy days. On days when no one is watching. When no one can interrupt me. It is one of the few times my phone is turned off. I grab a pen and paper and the ideas just start flowing. I write like no one is reading. Sometimes my blog has a purpose or a message for someone and sometimes it’s just a story or something that has happened and I want to share. I just write the ideas as they come to me. I like to write from my heart. I like to share my experiences in hopes that it helps someone. I write hoping it changes and inspires you to think differently about life. Leave the negativity behind and embrace where positivity takes you.

Like my dancing, I am not a professional writer it is just a dream of mine that I have always wanted to pursue. I want to become someone’s favourite author.  In order to reach that goal, I show up weekly and write a blog. I believe these blogs keep my book dreams alive. Blogging keeps me writing. Blogging keeps me dreaming.

Shockingly I used to be shy and I did my best to avoid talking to anyone. I kept all my feelings silent. I went to therapy and never shared a word. I feared if I shared things about my trauma, my failures, or my rejections people would judge me or think of me differently. When did this change? When I started talking to people. When I opened up to share my stories and started hearing other people’s stories. It was then that I realized we all have trauma. We all have failures and we all have things we wish that we would have done differently. We are all doing the best that we know how to do.

Keep moving forward and never give up. Everything has a way of working out. There is a solution to whatever you are faced with. Pay attention to what life is teaching you. If things didn’t go as planned figure out the reason and a new solution. When you need help reach out. Life is easier when faced together.  Live with no judgments and an open positively kind heart.

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