I can’t feel my nose, toes or finger tips!

I was bundled up with so many layers. I had long johns, leggings, ski pants, and snow pants for the bottom layers. I had layers of socks and my winter boots on. I layered on the tops starting with a tank top, long sleeve warm layer, a big fluffy hoodie, and not 1 but 2  winter jackets. Even layers of hats and mittens. I felt like a little kid overdressed by a parent. I could hear my parents saying “make sure you are warm enough it’s going to be cold”.  I could barely move my arms or legs. I had purchased all new gear for this winter trip. I am a Canadian who dislikes being cold. I took a trip to Alaska in November, what was I thinking?

I was off in search of the mysterious northern lights. I wanted to ride a dog sled through a quiet snowy forest. Sit in a hot spring with frozen hair. Run through the snow in my winter boots and then my bikini what a fun vacation.

My Opa (grandpa) reported to me that he searched out the very same lights many years ago when he arrived in Canada. He told me they made him feel motion sickness and depressed. I share in his motion sickness on boats so I prayed that I didn’t share the same feeling when I gazed up at the lights.

I am beyond happy to report I have crossed this must-see event off my bucket list. I have dreamed for years of that exact moment. I didn’t think I would be standing on a mountain top in Alaska in November but this trip just came together. Things always have a way of working out for me. Focus on the positive and positive things will happen. How much my life has changed just from changing the way I think.

I took a tour to a mountain top in a little tank-like vehicle on a tour that almost guarantees you see the northern lights. As I stood on the mountain top with my boyfriend freezing I had tears frozen on my face yet my heart was so full. Beautiful sites always bring me to tears. Soon as we arrived on this mountain we started to witness shades of green appearing. The later the hours the more vibrant the colours became. Between 1 and 3 am seemed to host the best displays of colours. The light came alive and started to move and dance across the sky. I stood in awe. I tried to capture the beauty with my phone camera but the pictures do not capture even a tiny bit of the beauty in a front-row seat. I would agree with everyone who ever told me the northern lights are truly a sight you have to see.

Alaska has so much natural beauty. I have dreamed forever to catch a glimpse. My nose, toes, and fingertips were frozen but my bucket list became shorter and my heart is forever full.



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