It’s 2022!

Happy new year friends and family! I would like to wish you the best year yet!

We have had 2 years of a weird ever-changing global pandemic. Not what I had envisioned for the years.

I thought for sure by 2022 I would have a flying car! Instead, I am trying to navigate and figure out the technological advances of my new laptop. It’s been more than 15years since I bought a new one. I rarely replace my computers or cellphones unless they stop working. I still prefer to write on paper but I am trying to get with the times. I bought a small sized laptop that I can throw in any bag. I am trying to navigate my thoughts into a word documents vs paper. I still think my ideas flow better when I write pen to paper but it’s a lot of work to then type it all out. Trying to manage my writing time better. I want to accomplish finishing my book!

What are you’re 2022 goals?

Who sets new years goals and who doesn’t believe in it?

I am one of those people who shockingly doesn’t believe in new years resolutions. I don’t think I have ever set one. Oh, wait no that’s not true one year in the early 2000’s I bought Billy Blanks Tae-Bo on DVD and was going to take a year’s worth of classes. I laugh as I type this because he kicked my butt to the point of pain and tears. I laid on my floor and wept. This caused me to give up very early on in this resolution. I might have to revisit these Tae-Bo classes and see if I could successfully complete one now. Billy you are one tough dude.

I no longer set a year goal. I think the concept is unrealistic. I think you should strive every day to be the best version of yourself. Instead of trying to change my year, I focus more on my smaller manageable daily goals. A few daily changes make my year outcome worth it without the pressure of a big goal and unnessesary tears. Small changes daily make for a better yearly outcome.

How do I do this? I start small. I try to incorporate some kind of fitness into my days. Some days I need to run off the feelings or to clear my mind other days I need to flow, stretch, slow and calm with yoga. Every day I need to move my body. I like my motto run thirty minutes and then write thirty minutes. The most important part of my day is taking some part of the day for myself. To do something I love to do. This keeps me positive. Self care and self love are always on the top of my to do list. Make time for yourself. Make yourself a priority.

Take each day and do your best. Be the best version of yourself each and every day. Think positive be positive.

Make 2022 your best year.


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