It’s your birthday!

Today Janurary the 12th two of my favourite people in the world share a birthday. One was born a few years before the other.

Happy birthday to my son Daniel you make me so proud each and every day. I cannot believe you are already nine. It feels like just the other day my uncle Merv called and said hold him in until the 12th I wanna be birthday buddies! The thought of this conversation always makes me laugh.

I went into labour on the 10th of January and giggled at not having him until the 12th. Guess what happened? birthday buddies for life. The ultimate birthday gift is the promotion from favourtie uncle to G-R-E-A-T uncle.

Dan came a month early and picked the date and time he wanted. Bonus points I had him while Jerry Springer was on TV which I always loved watching with uncle Merv. Since his delivery day, Dan has been picking his dates and times for what he wants to do. He walked early correction he didn’t learn to walk he just got up and started running and he hasn’t stopped since.

Nine years have flown by so fast. It brings tears to my eyes to look back on all your precious cake pictures. All the times you blow out your candles and make your cute wishes. I know most of your wishes are that your cat could talk. You have an unbelievable way with animals like a little animals whisperer there is no cat better off in this world that your spoiled cat Noah. You grew up with Charleston the corgi always herding you back to me. Kelso the corgi dog came running over to you, sat on you, and has never left your side. On days when she makes me crazy you remind me she’s doing the best she can. She is a work is progress. An old lady dog with a huge attitude. The way you show no fear around Grannies giant horses you just calmly talk to them warms my heart. You sir have a way with all animals.

Your love of building things amazes me. You can stack things like no other I often sit back and wonder how is that even possible. You have a creative mindset noticed by everyone. You think outside the box. You stump me often.

I am very glad you have taken up a love of reading. I know my Oma (grandma) is smiling down on us when we sit and read. I absolutely love when you read to me.

Every day you bring me to tears and I think how am I so lucky to be your mom?

Let’s go get some cake son!

Happy birthday to my favourite forever promoted favourtie G-R-E-A-T uncle. We hope to make it back to the Island soon to celebrate and eat cake with you. Miss you tons. Love you lots!!

Happy Birthday to the very best birthday buddies!

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