I knew our time would come to an end one day, but no matter how much time we had, it would never be enough. I knew it would be hard but I didn’t know it would be this hard.

I am grateful you shared almost forty years with me. You accomplished so much in your 87 almost 88 years. You touched the lives of so many people. You weren’t just my Opa you were my very best friend. My daily phone call. You gave me the best advice and you never gave up on me. You always rooted me on no matter how crazy my plans were. You taught me what it was to have a close-knit family. You loved us like no other. I am trying to dry up my tears and honour your memories but it’s hard. I miss you so very much.

I spent two beautiful days with you before you passed and I will forever be grateful for those memories. I needed a long goodbye. You shared so many stories and so much love. We share a lifetime of memories that I will forever cherish.

I would give anything to hear you laugh just one more time, you truly had the best laugh. I pick up the phone and I so badly want to call you. The days aren’t the same without your calls.

You shared with me your life motto of “Do your best and if your best isn’t good enough fuck it” I will forever live by these words and share your message.

Your determination was next level. When you set out to do something you accomplished it. For 33 years you were a huge part of the AA family you stayed sober by the help of AA for 33 years. We did a zoom meeting together just the night before you passed. You were dedicated and will be missed by so many people from that community alone. Then add in family, friends and all the people from your building days. You touched so many peoples lives you are an inspiration.

Thank you for giving me the best farming childhood. For allowing me to have all the pets to fill my heart. For always making me feel like I was special. For always loving me. I miss you like crazy and love you beyond words. Until we meet again.



2 Replies to “Opa”

  1. Sascha what a beautiful tribute, I am so sorry for your loss, I could always tell you and your okay were very close in how lovingly you spoke of him, hugs to you, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Lisa

  2. Dear Sascha and family Opa,
    So sorry for the loss of your Opa. Eric was a great man and proud father to your mom Natascha and aunt Kiersten and all his grands’ and great-grands’. From my memories of him he was very much the German hard working family man. He was honest and yet cared enough to keep it all together for his family and himself. And yes, his laugh was from the heart for sure. He made a difference in everyones life and equipped us with the knowledge and his desire of striving for a better future, together. His will be done.
    Gute Nacht.
    Rest in peace Mr. Hubner (Sir) 💌

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