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Have you ever found that perfect tea or coffee mug? The one that has a picture or a quote that just captures perfectly how you’re feeling? Have you ever found that friend that just gets you? I am lucky that I have a collection of mugs and friends that get me. This blog is the story of tea time with my friend Jes. Today on this Tuesday she is having surgery so I am sending her all the positive thoughts and loving vibes. You got this girl. This marks the first day of March. Wednesday the second day of March is her birthday. One she will never forget. This is how this wonderful lady and I became best-teas.

The year was 2009 and I was working as an assistant manager of a clothing store. Truth be told I hated this job with a passion. I never wanted to be stuck in a dead-end job yet here I was struggling to make ends meet, just one of my many failures. I was wearing clothes that I hated and supporting a brand I didn’t care about. My heart wasn’t in it. I do believe that things do happen for a reason. The reason I feel like I was at this job was to inspire the younger gals working there to get real jobs. I told them to go to school and become someone or do something. I was enrolled in online college while working there which I completed and I use this degree at my current job. My current job allows me to help and inspire people and my heart is in it. What a change a job can make in our lives. Jes made a job change that year as well.

During this retail job, time is when I met Jes. She is a fiery girl who has always known what she wanted.  Jes is that kinda person you are drawn to. She is easy to talk to and will always put a smile on your face.  She doesn’t filter it and tells it like it is. She has become one of my very best friends. She is the friend I immediately wanna call when I am happy or when I am sad. I know she is always going to answer right away and say “Hello, my tallest friend”. Over the years we have shared both happy and sad tears together over tea. I cannot thank this girl enough for always being herself. You have the biggest heart out of everyone I know. You make the perfect cup of tea.

A couple of years ago we actually stopped being friends. We just recently re-connected. Things work out for a reason. This is when I realized just because someone doesn’t do something exactly the way I would have or would have wanted doesn’t mean they didn’t do the best they could.  Truth be told I came home from a vacation totally pissed off at someone else and I took it out on some of those closest to me. I regret the way I handled the situation. Never react from a place of anger. I have since found healthier ways to communicate my anger. I am always a work in progress.

Truth be told I missed this girl when she wasn’t a part of my life. She brings light and an aura of joy I have never found in anyone else. I am so very thankful when I reached out and apologized for my wrongdoings she accepted. I believe forgiveness is the best form of love. It takes a strong person to say sorry and an even stronger person to forgive. Thank you for accepting my apology and being my friend. Here’s too many more tea times and talks.  I cherish my tea time with you friend. Cheers to finding the perfect cup of tea paired with the perfect friend. Love you, long time girl!


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