Virtual run fun!

The winter months keep on coming. I feel frozen in time and stuck in life. The months seem long, dark, and cold. I am overthinking decisions that I have been wanting to make for years.  Forty is creeping up on me fast. I started home renovation projects that I wish I could complete in a day. I don’t like living in disorganization. I feel like I want to curl up in my nice warm bed and wake up in the spring! I think I would make an excellent bear and quite enjoy hibernation.

Today’s fitness goal was exactly what I needed to clear my head and get back in the game. The struggle has been real. Yes, I struggle but struggles are important to talk about.

I started doing virtual runs recently and I find I run better when I can see beautiful scenery from around the world. It makes me wanna add so many destinations to my must-see travel list.

My first virtual run was on Vancouver Island a place I miss dearly and long to be reunited with. My heart is on that Island. I can hear the ocean calling my name. I have done some virtual runs through beautiful mountain terrains and across breathtaking suspension bridges. While all that scenery has been beautiful I have struggled lately to crush a run. I run but I am struggling to keep a good time and I have to stop to catch my breath, fix my shoe or give my back and legs a break. I try to remind myself I am doing my best and that I am running through injuries. Never give up always keep moving forward. Motivate yourself to do better.

Today I woke up on a Monday in January which was a day off after working the weekend. I heard the morning alarm go off. I knew what time it was. I did get up but then I got back into bed. I realized no I need to kick my own ass! I said I was going to run so I got up, threw on my workout gear, laced up my shoes, and got on the elliptical. I was so excited that I started running before I found or started a virtual video. I am not a great multitasker while running so I don’t know what I hit on the tablet but I loaded the world’s slowest train ride through the swiss alps. I’m still impressed I got anything started without falling off the elliptical.

Many years ago I was lucky enough to be on this very train ride and so it flooded me with gorgeous views and that feeling of gratefulness that I had sitting on that train. I love mountains and the swiss alps brought me to tears. Around every bend, the sights took my breath away. This train ride will be one I never forget. All the windows are glass and everywhere you look the sights take your breath away. It might be the slowest train ride but my run was one of the best times of my life. I never stopped running despite the pace of the train being super slow. I crushed my goal. I felt so good I went on to go to a weights class and a yoga booty burn. This morning fueled my soul and reminded me how lucky I am. This morning cleared my mind and reminded me I can do whatever I put my mind to. I am going to be fit, fabulous and forty the count down is on! Nothing is standing in my way except my own negative thoughts. I refuse to let the winter months unmotivate me there is always a way to incorporate fitness into the day. Today’s fitness starts with shoveling snow! I need fitness to clear my head, fill my heart and remind me how truly grateful I am.

Do I have anyone else who loves virtual runs?

Anyone who wants to join me in a fitness goal?

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