Pack or unpack your bags…… let’s go!

Pack or unpack your bags…… let’s go!

Does the thought of traveling fill you with delight? Are you already dreaming of your next vacation? Or does the thought of traveling make you worried or anxious?

I absolutely love traveling. I love to see new places, discover a place off the beaten path. I love to try new food and I’m drooling at the thought of a delicious dessert. I am delighted to go away but there is no place like home and sleeping in your own bed. I am always happy to come back home!

I have been blessed with so many amazing adventures over the years. Some trips and locations I wish I could go back and re-do because I feel like my negativity clouded my enjoyment. I went but did I really enjoy it to fullest?

I love random road trips and getting lost in the moment and discovering something you didn’t even know was in the area. I love to discover the true beauty of a new destination, to find a hidden gem you never knew existed. That to me is the best part of a trip.

Flying has always given me a bit of fear. I struggle with sitting in that tiny seat for hours on end. I am a tall girl who struggles with leg room and getting in and out of the seat. I always hit my head. I am that girl who claps when the plane lands. If you have ever seen the movie alive you will appreciate arriving at your destination.

Before any trip the packing always gets me. Do you find yourself making lists? Or just throwing things together? Do you bring to many things? or not enough?

I make lists. I check them many times over. I always remember the important things like my identification, tickets, money, keys, wallet and phone. I always remind myself that if I forget something it’s not the end of the world. I can make do without it or surely in this day and age I can by something to get me through the trip.

Packing for a trip got me thinking about how much I pack around every day. My work backpack, I believe, I could survive out of it for weeks at a time. My purse is filled with survivor essentials too. I am guilty of over packing. Sometimes it hurts to carry so much around so why do I do it?

Packing got me thinking about mental baggage and the thoughts we pack around each and every day in our minds on repeat. The amount of wasted space we keep packed with such useless thoughts. Why can’t we let go? Why can’t we make better choices of what we carry around? YOU CAN!

I am guilty of having a hard time unpacking. When I get home from a trip I just dump everything into the laundry to wash, then dry and the easy part is done. I always avoid the folding and putting away because that’s the “not so fun” part. If it’s not easy or fun we tend to skip over it. I am guilty of it sometimes and even today I have laundry to put away. Spoiler alert I am not perfect! I don’t get everything done every day. I just do my best and if my best isn’t good enough fuck it. I don’t beat myself up for not getting everything done in a day. Did I accomplish a lot of things today? YES! Could I have done more? Oh yes absolutely. However I took time out for me. I believe having time for me makes me a better person and allows me to get more done tomorrow. Having time for your self is very important.

Unpacking mental baggage is probably some of the hardest work you can do. To learn to let go, to process the reasons for you carrying around your mental baggage is raw and real. I cried a lot during this process. When I started to learn about mental baggage, I didn’t think I had that much I was holding onto until I decided to write some of my negative repetitive thoughts down on post-it notes and put them in a bag. I am a visual learner and so I wanted to see just how many post-it notes I could write. I am here to tell you there aren’t enough post-it notes in my house and I love post-it notes. I always have them in all the colours! I could have more than filled a suitcase. I would have had to sit on the suitcase to close it. The suitcase probably would have split at the seams because it was that over packed. I would have been denied boarding at the airport it had that much in it.

I didn’t deal with all these thoughts in a day, a month or even a year. It will always be a lifetime process. I still have to stop myself and shut down a negative thought or deal with it in the moment. Stuck in negativity I was never able to do that. When you live in doom and gloom you attract more doom and gloom and you get stuck. You cannot see a way out. Life passes you by sure you live it but you don’t love it or really enjoy it. I know I let a lot of years pass me by. I know I will not let another year go by wasted.

Lately I have been rocking the saying “Let go. Let the positivity flow”. I absolutely love this idea. I decided to take all my negative thought post-it notes I had and I re write them into positive sayings.

I challenge you to re write the way you think. To turn your negative heavy unwanted metal baggage into the light airy positive thoughts I carry around with me. What are you waiting for? Get packing and let’s go!

I cannot give away all my tips and tricks in my blogs but feel free to get in touch today. I am here to help you become the best positive version of yourself!

Thank you to everyone who has traveled with me! I look forward to more trips in the years to come. Thank you to all of those who have helped me on my un-packing journey to destroy negative thoughts. Thank you to all of those who continue to inspire me. I am so lucky to have such wonderful inspiring people in my life.

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